The Wall Street Crash was the main reason Hitler got into power. Do you agree? Even before the Great War, Hitler had an extremist mind set about politics and the world around him. He carried this dream until he joined the German workers party (Nazi party); from this point on, he used the Nazi party to reach the position of chancellor within the Reichstag.

Through the use of the idealistic policies of the Nazi party, and using global economic climate and world affairs to finally reach the position in 1933.Many factors contributed to the “rise of Hitler”! Over a course of 10 years, Nazi policies had dug deep into the opinions of the nation, and global economic downturns (The Wall Street Crash) simply reinforced those opinions and attitudes further. The Wall Street crash in 1929 was a crucial turning point in Hitler’s political campaign! At this point, the Nazi party was the larger in the Reich, and growing. People were beginning to see the political and economic success of the Nazi party being in power.The Wall Street Crash left Germany in a much worse state compared to the rest of the western world. Because of war reparations for losing World War One, German industrial contribution to the Economy was only just able to pay the allies at the current rate of repayments.

Most privately owned businesses in Germany were funded through American loans. Because the entire American stock market had collapsed, American banks had no option but to withdraw their loans to the German companies!Because most companies could not survive without the bank loans; these companies very quickly went bankrupt! As businesses became bankrupt; hundreds of thousands of people were left unemployed. As people were left redundant, only few of them were able to buy luxuries that they might want; instead of what they might needed. So businesses left after the Wall Street Crash would soon become bankrupt as well, because they simply could not up hold enough profit to survive. So the hundreds of thousands now became millions of unemployed in Germany!The Wall Street Crash was heavily beneficial for Hitler politically! Because of Hitler’s personal vendetta against Jews, he was able to blame this global depression on them; and the structure of the Nazi party was build up in such a way that it could overcome this depression more effectively than their opposition.

Their opposition within the Reich did not have the same confidence. The Reich mainly argued among themselves about how to resolve the drop in the economy and the mass unemployment.As more and more people became redundant, the more people began to lose hope in the current government; resulting in more and more people converting to Nazism. Weak opposition to the Nazi party wasn’t only due to the great depression: As Hitler and Nazi party grow in size and power, less and less parties were able to “holt” the Nazi’s from gaining power. The main two parties able to stop a Nazi rise to power were the Communists and Social democrats; but because of corresponding policies for the two parties, the two began to hate each other, and would refuse to ally themselves to stop the rise of Nazism!At this time, German politics and society was much unorganised! Because there were many political parties in active government, it was very hard to for the Reich to reach an agreeable decision on tackling the economy, creating jobs, or passing laws.

Because the government couldn’t make clear decisions about the country, society was even more unorganised; because they had to “keep up” with what new policies the government had created! Hitler was very clear on what policies he would enforce throughout the country!Unlike his opposition, who simply “got on” with the crippling terms of the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler promised to rebel against the allies commands, and improve Germany to the state of economic power it once had! Nazi party members were very loyal to the single course. Nazi party members in local areas would hand out door-to-door leaflets; and hold public meetings in a similar style to what Hitler would do. Another important to the “Rise of Hitler”, apart from the Wall Street Crash, was the use of Nazi propaganda.Hitler was a powerful speaker, at public meetings; he was able to convert people to Nazism very easily. He would show Jew’s and communists to be peasant people compared to the superior Aryan race, and unifying German people for a greater Germany.

He would release powerful propaganda posters, which normally insulted Jews and communists. When the great depression hit Germany, the Reich was in a mess; President Paul von Hindenburg had appointed three chancellors between 1932-1933 (Heinnrich Bruning, Franz von Papen and Kurt von Schleicher)! Hitler jumped n this, and released powerful propaganda, highlighting the possibly of Hitler as Chancellor. Not only did the Nazi’s use posters; Hitler was very keen on the latest technology. To increase the size of their public speeches, Nazi’s would use loudspeakers to be able to preach to more people at a given time.

And to reinforce their policies and attitudes, they used slideshows to full effect. Hitler also organised SA rallies and marches to give an impression on the public; the SA rallies showed discipline and order, and the fact that they could maintain law and order across the country.One, small scale, factor that benefited the Nazi’s was the nation fear of communism. Communism was a new concept, and was heavily corresponding to modern democracy! Communism was (and still is) the exact opposite to capitalism. With the communist party being far left wing, Nazism far right wing policies were seen as a saviour from the communist presence. Businessmen very much for the Nazi approach to communism; as in the Soviet Union, the government took control of large industry and farmlands!To conclude, Hitler’s rise to power was a long struggle, since he joined the German workers party, till the point where he becomes chancellor (and later Fuhrer)! He was able to grow in popularity in the mid and early 1920’s.

Nearer the time of his chancellorship, all other politicians loathed him! His ability to use modern technology and powerful propaganda managed to expand the Nazi party from 20 members to the largest in the Reich; and his ability jump of modern economic affairs helped him dramatically, to reach a position of power and Authority!