As we know, we all have our own family. We will not be here if we dont have any family. But when we become older, we also have friends. They are our “life’s supporter”. young adults are the people facing many issues with their body changes, educational challenges, and fighting for financial freedom. Usually their ages are around 20 and that’s a critical time for them to decide whether they would be good or bad persons. So, i think everything in the world has influence on us whether it is big or small, including friends and family.

From my point of view, i think friends have more impact on young adults than parents because they are from the same generation, they can be more sympathetic with you whenever you have problem, and most of young adults spend their time in their school or place of work with friends. Certainly, i can’t ignore the influence that family has on young people because the parents determine their children’s further behavior. I think the most important influence on children is that family has. But when kids leave their usual circle of influence such as family because they become students, they enter a new circle of influence of their schoolmates.

In turn, their schoolmates become the most important influence on young adults until high school or college. When children become young adults, friends are those who have not only the most important but also the strongest influence on them. There are several reasons for that. First of all, young adults who come from the same generation can share the same thoughts and feelings toward life and have many interests and hobbies in common. Even when they live together, for example on campus or dormitory, they can imitate the others’ lifestyle if it is strange, interesting and fashionable.

In contrast, their parents come from another generation. They are old and mature so that they have different thoughts about life, especially about the new issues or things like technology. It is obvious that all young adults find the Internet and applications belonging to the new technology exciting and attractive while their parents may think they are time-consuming and inconvenient because sometimes they have problems in operating these things. secondly, it is more likely that when a youngster has a problem, sad stories or unpleasant things, they often gather with their friends to receive sympathy and advice.

It seems that everyone is more open to their friends, especially about sensitive things which young adults often have, like love breaking, because they find reliability and similarity among their friends. Parents have a lot of experience but as the life is always changing, these values may be changed as well though just a little. In addition, if what you tell your parents is something caused by your wrongfulness and thoughtlessness and you need advice to fix it, some parents often scold their sons or daughters vehemently and even remind them of other stupid things they have done to show their angriness.

It is easily understandable that you will choose a friend to go to in this situation. Finally, many teenagers leave home to study at a distant high school or college. They have already broken connections with their families, and friends become the closest people around them. There is a nice quotation from William Shakespeare, “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow. ” One thing that we may not forget is that we have to be careful in choosing our true friends. Sometimes they are bad friends who give negative influence on young adults.

For example, some bad friends offer us some drugs or cigarettes when we talk about our problems to them. They say the drugs and cigarettes can solve our problems. Of course it’s wrong, so once again i’d like to remain my dear friends to be careful in choosing our true friends. In conclusion, friends have the strongest and most important influence on young adults’ life I firmly believe that friends are the most principal advisor to young adults. Moreover, young adults have to be careful in choosing their friends. Therefore, young people must try to get along with positive friends.