Gender equality not truly equal in many places in the world.

Despite popular belief, there are places such as India where women are still subjected to strict ruling by men. Husband's rule over their wives, and son's rule over their own mothers. Women are constantly expected to live a certain way, and to make the men in their family 'shine'. Women are often abused and hurt after an unfortunate mistake; such as speaking against a male family member. A woman is lucky to receive just a beating, when they can receive much worse.

They can be murdered through an honour killing. Honour K/illing is defined as: "the traditional practice in some countries of killing a family member who is believed to have brought shame to the family" (Webster). Though it is 2013 this act is still not completely eliminated from the world, even though its severely immoral, religiously unacceptable, and socially delinquent. Women are severely hurt or killed because of a mistake they commit.

If it's not in line with the strict family rules and not alright with the male, then the woman is severely dishonouring the family.Honour killing happens in many countries all over the world such as: India and Arab; To be young and in love has proved to be fatal in these countries. Reports submitted to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights show that honour killings have occurred in these countries: "Bangladesh, Great Britain, Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Pakistan, Morocco, Sweden, Turkey, and Uganda" (National Geographic) . The listed countries are among those that have filed honour killing reports. Many other countries have not reported the honour kills that have taken place.This list also fails to mention the honor killings have also occurred in developed countries such as Canada and the United States of America.

Since 1990 to 2012 there have been a total of 16 honour killings in Canada, in which the perpetrator was convicted. (Cancrime) This is a large number for a country that doesn't believe in such a practice. That is sixteen women who had great potential for our country, taken away. However, these individual not get the chance to find their potential because they were killed, for such a trivial thing such as honour.On January 29, 2012, a jury in Kingston, Ontario, found Mohammad Shafia, his wife Tooba Yahya Mohammad and son Hamed guilty of the 2009 murders of: Greeti, Sahar, and Zeinab and Mr.

Shafia's first wife, Rona Amir Mohammad. (TheGlobeandMail). The daughters were killed because they were simply becoming "too western" for the parents to bear, and even in their deaths the patriarch curse them. What is even more surprising is the fact that the brother of the three girls fully participated in the act of murder. Many victims of honour killings have stories almost identical to this case; killed for dishonouring the family.This questions how much these families truly care for their daughters, wives, nieces, and sisters.

To be willing to kill a family is an act that one cannot even comprehend. To prevent such misdeeds,Solidarity a catholic social teaching informs the people must stand together, and voice how immoral this act is. "There is no honour in killing" (Kurdish Womens Action Against Honour Killings) is a quote that many of these perpetrators should be thinking of when performing such an atrocious deed. Even though people think that honour killing is due to religious beliefs, In reality it goes against many religions.The belief that killing one's family to restore any type of honour should be completely eradicated from this world. This belief is often associated with the Muslim or Sikh religions, which evoke the stereotype; that these people practice the act of honour killing.

In the Quran, there is a section in Sura 4:34 which explains that wives must be loyal and listen to their partner. However, the next part is often misinterpreted and the true meaning is lost. There are translations that say: "hit them" this is a translation done by Abdel Haleem, a professor of Islamic studies at the University of London.His quote states that a wife must be loyal and if she were to be disloyal, a man must ignore them and hit them afterwards in terms of punishment.

This quote does not instruct a man to kill his spouse. A second translation written by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, a scholar, states that a man should ignore the wife before bed and, "Beat them (lightly)". Once again this does not imply killing the wife. Lastly this translation done by Ahmed Ali, an author of fiction says that a man must leave his wife alone then "go to bed with them ".This translation offers a more forgiving side, rather than the violent acts the other translations call for.

In conclusion, the Quran does not call to kill family members. In all the translations, the scripture never called a man to kill his partner. No religion calls for a man to ever kill their wife, daughters or sisters to restore honour. In fact there are no certain things in the bible, Quran, or Tanakh that explain that a man should or should not kill a woman.

The religions all regard any form of killing as murder.In the Catechism it states: "The fifth commandment forbids direct and intentional killing as gravely sinful. The murderer and those who cooperate voluntarily in murder commit a sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance" (Catechism, 2268). Indeed making the act of honour killing a sin, since death is the desired result.

The Catechism also states: "The fifth commandment forbids doing anything with the intention of indirectly bringing about a person's death. The moral law prohibits exposing someone to mortal danger without grave reason, as well as refusing assistance to a person in danger. (Catachism, 2269) . This would mean that the brother, of the three girls who were murdered, was also sinning greatly because he had the power to prevent his parents from committing the crime, and instead he chose to join in on the act of murder.

All religions call to love one another and to live a life with good morals; no religion ever calls to kill one another. Often it is just the believer who misinterprets the teaching of the Bible, Quran, or any other sacred scripture. One of the seven themes of Catholic social teaching is: The life and dignity of the human person.Which states that all life is sacred, no matter what religion, race, age, or gender all life is sacred. Therefore; if people were to understand and treasure this teaching, perhaps the sin of murder would cease to exist.

Honour killing is certainly religiously unacceptable. However, honour killing is also socially delinquent. Delinquent is defined as : "failing to do what law or duty requires". Therefore social delinquent in terms of honour killing means that the act is going against what society believes. It also means that it goes against societies laws and duties.

Families all have their own duties to fulfill and every human must abide to the law. The act of murdering a family member to restore honour is going against the law and failing in terms of duties. When one thinks of family they think of: connections, support and of course love. There is no love or support in killing one's daughter or wife.

In terms of a father killing his own children and wife; he is not fulfilling his fatherly duties. He should be there as the main support and love his wife and children dearly.When he kills them because they are dishonourable, it goes against everything a father and husband is suppose to be. For example the man named Peer Khairi a 65 year old Afghan immigrant was sent to prison for life in Toronto, after he was found guilty of second-degree murder in the 2008 slaying of his wife Randjida Khairi. His children reported that their father was like a "time-bomb", and would be found arguing with their mother quite a lot. Therefore Khairi was not acting like a father or a husband.

During his police confession he complained of his wife’s diminishing servitude and her permissive attitude toward their children’s un-Islamic dress and that his wife threatened to leave him. Khairi was convicted of second-degree murder, it means that he really had no intention of killing her. When examining the case it does not make sense since he slit her throat and stabbed her multiple times. The fact that this was an honour killing is arguable.

However; the 'honour' he was trying to restore could be his honour as the dominant male figure in the household.No husband or father should commit a crime like this against a family member. This story proves the point that honour killing goes against the duties of a husband and father, and it is definitely against the law. The theme of Rights and Responsibilities in the seven themes of Catholic Social teaching means that every human has their own rights and responsibilities. If these rights are met then human dignity is protected.

Therefore; a wife, daughter, sister, niece or any female has the right to do as they please. They do not need follow the strict ruling of a male.Of course this doesn't mean that a woman should not respect their male counterpart, but it means that women are equal with men. Men should not dominate and try to rule over a woman's rights. Women have every right to speak up and voice their opinion.

They have the right to fall in love with whomever they choose, without worrying about marriage with a rich man. Women shouldn't need to worry about whether they displease their partner and whether they will receive a beating later that night. Women are not objects, therefore they should be treated with as much respect as their male counterpart.Honour killing is ultimately a destructive and sinful act. It tears apart the relationships that a family should always have and destroys everything. It destroys the family, the trust, the connections, the love, and the lives of everyone.

Women are to be respected and loved as much as males are. Therefore, honour killing is all rooted in gender equality, and the way society perceives women. So long as people see men as the dominant figure, and women as nothing in comparison, nothing can be done to stop honour killing.Such acts will always happen unless there is that respect between the two genders. Honour killing is essentially just murder, and murder is severely immoral, religiously unacceptable, and socially delinquent.

God commands that humans do not murder, which means that the act of honour killing should not exist. Therefore; as a society everyone should come together to completely eliminate honour killing. If humans can kill each other over 'honour', what else are humans willing to kill for? Human life is precious and sacred, honour killing destroys the precious and sacred.