Since I was a child, I had this obsession about Disney World and all the Disney characters. There is no single movie I believe I have missed. Till today my favorite TV Channel is the Disney channel, where I wait to watch my favorite cartoon characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, Goofy, Max Goof, Clarabelle Cow and especially the beautiful Disney princess and charming princes like Snow White and her Prince, Princess Aurora, Prince Phillip, Cinderella, Prince Charming, Ariel and Prince Eric.Once during a class, my Doctor was talking about some of the media effects that have on people and we opened up the discussion about the hidden messages behind Disney characters.

He shared interesting facts with us that I could not believe. The Doctor claimed that behind Disney Products there are always hidden messages that signify drug abuse, sex and undermine the role of women. My biggest surprise was that there is a lot of research, thesis and blogs wrote about these facts. Therefore, I decided to write about it in my blog.

These facts however are not yet proven, and I am not yet convinced by them, but they certainly got my attention and as a media student, I feel that I have the duty to share this with you. Disney Princesses, starting Princess Aurora, Snow White, Jasmine, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, and Snow White are all Princesses that are either royal by birth or by marriage. I will first mention basic background information of each of these princesses and then quotes of what some people believe to be the hidden message. Snow White is a beautiful 14 years old princess that has a jealous stepmother who gives her a poisoned apple and sends her to eternal sleep.Her true love is Prince Ferdinand who breaks sleep with love's first kiss. She befriends the seven dwarfs during her stay at their cottage.

Hidden message: “Her burgeoning sexuality is a threat to another woman, so she’s killed. Her only asset, physical beauty is what savored her in the end. ” Cinderella is either a 19 or 20 years of age princess. Her stepmother turned her into the family's sole servant after her father was dead. Her Fairy Godmother helps her to attend the ball where she meets her prince and marries him at the end, and thus freeing her from her life of servitude.Hidden message: She is saved from terrible living conditions by a prince.

He does this, not because she is such a hard worker, but because she is beautiful. ” The evil witch Maleficent cursed Princess Aurora at birth that she will die on her 16th birthday. One of the three good fairies, Merryweather, softened the curse by changing her death to a deep sleep that she could only wake up from if her true love kisses her. Hidden message: “Betrothed at birth to solidify political position, she is killed by another woman out of spit. Her owner, fiance, saves her with a kiss.

Again, sex is her only salvation. ”Princess Ariel is a 16-year-old mermaid, the daughter of King Triton, ruler of the sea. Ariel falls in love with Prince Eric. She trades her voice to the sea witch Ursula who gives her legs so she can be with him forever. Hidden message: “This one drastically changes her physical appearance so as to be more attractive to man. The price is that she cannot speak.

No problem, she has nothing of value to say anyhow. She is saved by a prince. ” Princess Jasmine is the Arabian Princess of Agrabah, who dreams of seeing the world outside her palace and her father constantly insists on her to get married to the royal Prince.She falls in love with Aladdin, a street boy whom she marries at the end.

Hidden message: “This princess must get married to satisfy the requirements of the law. Her reluctance to do so causes her powerful father no end of trouble; she is enslaved by a powerful man and is only saved by the help of a street rat. ” Belle becomes the Beast prisoner after trading her freedom to her father’s freedom. She soon learns to see the good in him and falls in love with him over time. By confessing her love at the end, the hideous Beast is turned back into a human.

Hidden message: Saves a princess live by her only asset, her sexuality. ” If I want to put aside my love for the world of Disney and turn off the magical feeling, I get every time I think of Disney and start critically and objectively analyzing the content of these movies, I can come up with these following results: It is obvious that the Disney princesses emphasize on the idea that idealized women, are the women who possess the perfect body: the waist of a Barbie doll and the posture of a top model. Their beauty and appearance are the weapons that lead men to fall in love with them at first sight.They are all expected to marry in one point or another and sometimes through a prearranged marriage.

All the princesses are faced with obstacles and the only way that seems possible to get them out of their problem is to meet the love of their life on a romantic encounter. What I also noticed that Disney movies encounter a slight form of pornography; Princesses like Snow white who is only 14 and Ariel who’s is 16 are teenagers, yet their only dream is to meet their prince, fall in love and get married.Therefore, Disney is encouraging children to lose their innocence at an early age rather than encouraging them to go score big achievements in their studies for example, not to mention that personal accomplishments and great ambitions are hardly emphasized, yet women in these movies are expected to make great sacrifices to please their men. However, some exceptions are noted between the Disney princesses.

For example Belle is considered to be “ Disney Feminist”; Belle proved to be this ambitious independent women, that is interested in knowledge and reading books, although the people of the town considered her to be a bit weird, but she completely ignores them. When Gaston, the handsome man of the town proposed to belle, she kicks him out and sings a song about how it is impossible for her to accept to be just a little wife that takes care of the house, her husband and children.Mulan is considered another independent Disney feminist who proved her blity to fight for her country like any other man and that women are not just evaluated for their ability to serve tea and dress properly. Other studies suggested the presence sexual hidden messages in some of Disney’s Movies such as Aladdin, The little Mermaid and The lion King. In the Lion King Movie, when Simba plunk down on the floor and a cloud of dust rises above him forming the word Sex.

In the movie Aladdin, the scene where Aladdin invites Jasmine to come with him on carpet ride, a verbal hidden message is said to appear under his lines: “teenagers take off your clothes”, when the actual script calls for Aladdin to say, "C'mon . . . good kitty. Take off and go.

" The Following YouTube movie will clarify the image, these analysis are obviously debatable. In spite my love for Disney, reading about this topic and watching all these videos made me think about the trustworthiness of the Disney World products. These thoughts if proven will shake the dreams of millions of children and even grownups.So whether the magic and warmth of Disney World is after all a bunch of lies and sexual hidden messages intended to mess with children’s heads or all what was presented is only the product of people’s minds that think too much about the world and are unable to enjoy the magic of this world, is for you to answer. As for me, a media student, my duties are to learn as much as I can about media effects, but when it comes to Disney it is hard for me I must say, to simply shut off myself from this magical world. I will always believe in the charm and glamour of this pure world until proven guilty.