Harassment and bullying in the work place is a common phenomenon in everyday lives. Harassment entails strategic and verbal assaults that interfere with the employees’ performance. Superiors in the work place are usually the ones who practice harassment. They use their position of power to intimidate their juniors.

People who are harassed should not keep it to themselves. This is because harassing affects outright their productivity in the organization. The best way to handle bullies is reporting them to the personnel department or the human resource department. In addition to this, the organization can set appropriate policies based on the code of conduct for the organization that encourages staff to respect each other.

During training, everyone should be trained using proper procedures. All complaints should be followed persistently to discourage other bullies. Once found guilty of bullying and harassment, the person shall be disciplined in letter and spirit of the law. This will act as a warning to other bullies. However, this might not always work out well, and the employee might end up being victimized. Therefore, sometimes it is best to lie low and avoid getting into confrontation with the bully.

This would help at some point. Finally, the employee might approach the bully and discuss the problem diplomatically. This might help them come up with an improved relationship. Bullying and harassment is a breach of the statute laws. Therefore, employees can sue the bullies who harass them if all other measure fails to work.