Growing up in a big city and in a small town or village are different, both bring their own advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to say whether growing up in a big city has more advantages than growing up in a small town or village or vise versa.

The first aspect that i am going to discuss is the difference in terms of population. The population in a big city is bigger and more diversity than in a small city or village. Children in a big city have more opportunities to interact with different communities; as a result they are better at adapting to other people.

Facilities is the second aspect. It is obvious that big cities have more facilities, such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets, public transportations, etc. In big cities, there are wide range of schools for children to choose. Also, most of prestigious schools are located in big cities; as a result children who grow up in big cities can have a better education. In addition, the facilities like hospitals, supermarkets, public transportations, etc make living in big cities is more convenient in everyday life. The development of technology and telecomunication usually takes place in big cities. It gives more opportunities for children to widen their mind in many aspects that they might not see in the village. Otherwise, many facilities have also increased the living cost in big cities.

The most notable difference between big cities and village is their environment. The environment in big cities are polluted because many cars are driven and many factories exist. Traffic jam and numbers of crime are increasing in big cities. Conversely, in the small towns or villages, children still can find fresh air and have contacts with nature and animals.

However, the place which is as perfect as paradise does not exist in the real world. The most important thing is that we should consider what children's feelings and emotions to know what they really want. Everyone's life is always full of good and bad experiences. The key is to appreciate them and find a way of turning a negative situation into a positive situation.