1) Why has FedEx been so successful in Asia.

It wasn’t a surprise that a huge company like FedEx is very successful in Asia. Back in the 1980s, Fred Smith recognized the potential market in China and he knew that one day Asia would become a powerhouse. Four years later in 1984 FedEx started operations in China and began the first direct flight to the mainland in 1996. In 1989 FedEx paid 895$ million to buy tiger international Inc.

Business in Asia has increase with good volumes of goods ships over FedEx international export and it will be growing more everyday. In 2006 FedEx spent 400$ million to buy its partner in China. By this FedEx gets more control over the services in the secondary cities of China becoming more powerful in the global economy as the manufactures shift factors further inland as they flee increasing labor costs in coastal regions.

3) Can you identify the application of the managerial functions.

The application of the managerial functions from FedEx activities is: first of all, implementing the right IT system to help to assist FedEx with the challenges of growing in the international market. FedEx managers figure out that an IT system must take into account the idiosyncrasies of the different countries, customs authorities from each country and individual needs. Secondly, in organization FedEx knew that if they provide very detailed and accurate information to customs about customer’s packages or shipments. FedEx has an automatic system that sends and tracks all shipment documentation.

To control the managerial of the FedEx activities they required installing the technology for customs authorities to review documentation in a way to simplify the custom process and giving them the ability to identify and examine all the shipments quickly and very accurate. Thanks to theses applications in FedEx they are becoming more successful especially in Asia, later they opened a freight office in India in the 2010. As a fact during the period 2008-2010 FedEx opened 22 freight offices in international locations such as London, Mexico, and Brussels.