Today I am here to express my opinion on how can FBLA (future business leaders of America) can strengthen the confidence of students, in themselves and their work. Being a part of FBLA you will find out that there are many achievements and goals that we students will want to set and reach for. While reaching these goals that students in this program set, it’s also teaching us how to become better leaders of business. I feel without confidence you cannot get anywhere in life, no one will take you seriously and the world needs us to take charge. That’s why I strongly feel we, as students, have to have confidence in ourselves and our work.

Being in a teenage mind, we often don’t think that the future is now. We tend to describe what we want our future to be like, but don’t ever describe how are we going to get there and what are the characteristics that are needed. That’s what FBLA is here for to teach us those characteristics to become successful. Like I’ve mentioned before, Confidence, I feel as if confidence is the key to life. Without confidence, I wouldn’t be standing here today among you all speaking my mind. In fact wouldn’t be standing here today as the VP of Hennery W. Grady High school’s FBLA. Before I became the VP I had to persuade to my peers and stand up tall & tell them why I should be there VP and when I actually got picked honestly I can say I did get just a bit more confidence since that day forth.

But enough talking about me & what and where my confidence has brought me and as it continues to grow will bring me, I want to explain other ways FBLA can improve your confident skills. Fbla has many competitive events where you have no choice but to step outside the box. From taking a test, to speaking about your local sports. Confidence isn’t just in speaking; it’s also on your performance as well. Yes, many people can build confidence in having a voice but what about the confidence in work. A famous artist had to have pride and confidence in his/her painting, a wonderful musician had to have confidence to playing the correct notes, all these examples are how people put confidence in their work. If Beyoncé didn’t have confidence in her work of music where would she be, If Leonardo didn’t have confidence in his work of art where would he be? Confidence is the way you do things.

FBLA has different types of competitive events but if I had a choice I would have called them confident events (That was a little sense of humor). In FBLA I notice that you have to have pride in everything you. From community events to competitive events there’s no type of slack when it comes to FBLA.