I. Title and Theme of Description A masquerade ball party is an event which the attendees are all in elegant dress wearing a mask. The title of our event is unmasking breast cancer. The theme will be masquerade ball. Our fantastic masquerade themed party nights will bring a scene of intrigue and illusion. This theme would create a memorable and terrific atmosphere. II. Event Objectives As mentioned above, our event theme and title is involved around breast cancer.

This event revolves around raising awareness of breast cancer issue, but also, to create awareness for young students and informing them about how to prevent themselves. This event is an ideal charity event with a women’s health focus, and has a purpose for fundraising and supporting breast cancer charity which comforts the needs of people who are suffering from or who have already been affected by breast cancer III. Event location The venue will be at Globull club in Bulle (Switzerland) which is fantastic for holding a masquerade ball.

The maximum capacity is 150 people. As we are aiming for 150 attendees for a best budget scenario, Globull is huge enough to meet our needs. This place is also idealistic for young students living in Bulle to come as it is located 15minutes away by walk from the city center. Above all, facilities and environment needed for a party including projectors, lights and sound system are perfectly equipped. IV. Event Design All attendees would wear a mask upon entering on the venue.

The night would be simple and elegant just indicating the time and place along with a map which indicates that they should be wearing their most fancy dresses and tuxedos. In the entrance hall, there will also be a giant mask stand showing the Masquerade theme with which the guests could be able to take pictures. Light purple and pale pink colors will be displayed throughout the function hall along with drapes on ceiling. The tables will have simple white linens.

There will also be with a fabulous pink floral decoration representing breast cancer symbol and candle on the table. All attendees will surely enjoy this charity party. Set-up V. Information on sector Our main audiences are going to be students and faculties from Glion Institute of Higher Education located in Bulle. They are keen to parties in their life apart from study and want to be engaged in social mingling. Key Facts Total Students on Bulle campus (Undergraduate+Post Graduate+MBA) 683 (age ranges from 17 to around33)

Number of faculty members 50 Students male/ female ratio 48/52 VI. Food & Beverage Food will be small treats with fabulous designs but not in a finger food style. Below menu is basically provided by Le Buro and be catered to Globull. As our event theme’s main colors are pink and purple, we specially organized our customized food( pink cookies, sweets, pink themed cupcakes) together for attendees. Menu Drinks Minerals: Orange juice, coke, classic water, sparkling water A glass of beer: special Cardinal Wines: Red wine (Brands to be defined)

White wine (Brands to be defined) Treats Plate with variety of cheese and bread Plate with variety of meat and bread Mini Jar of beef tart Mini Jar of Salmon tart Mini Jar of Shrimps Mini Jar of Gaspacho Mini ham croissant Mini lemon tart Mousse of wildberry Customized food for Attendees VII. Entertainment Program -Arriving of Guests -Welcome Remarks (By the Host) -Guest speaker speech -watch a clip about breast cancer -Dancing show by volunteer students -Time to party and Dance by DJ music -Final words from the host