There are many possible ways that a new product may be marketed. With a product that will be sold world-wide, there is even more scope for ideas. For example, an ad campaign may be hugely successful in one country, but may not be at all successful in another. One such product is the Dyson Contrarotator. This is the latest product from Dyson, the company that is best known for their unique design of vacuum cleaner.

They believe that they have improved on the more conventional design of washing machine. So what's wrong with the existing washing machine? Conventional washing machines may seem convenient but their poor performance is a let down. So James Dyson asked his engineers to experiment with every imaginable way of washing: with and without detergent; with detergent but without movement; without water and even by hand.The Contrarotator took 4 years and one million man-hours to design and engineer the new technology and patented features.

Before the machine was ready to launch, it was tested for the equivalent of 20 years, 5000 cycles, 350 tonnes of washing and 9 tonnes of detergent.The result of the testing was simple: the most important element in removing dirt from clothes was flexing and manipulating the fabric. So they set out to make a machine that would do it better. To solve a long-standing problem, radical thoughts were required from ultrasound to microwave technology.

And so the twin tumblers were created. The front drum spins anticlockwise, while the back spins clockwise. This action throws and contorts the washing in a way never done before, giving a wash better than any other washing machine on the market.This washing machine is obviously a product that almost everyone could use and find incredibly useful. The only problem now is making sure people know about it.

This is where marketing comes in. Part of Dysons success with its dual cyclone vacuum cleaners is the fact that it let people know how different and innovative its products were.I hope to eventually be able to make a decision on the best way to market this product. My research will include giving questionnaires to the general public, asking managers of electronics shops how they handle the marketing of the machine, sending a questionnaire to the Dyson press office, and adverts already existing in magazines and on television.History of Dysons MarketingBack in the days when Dyson was a name only written on vacuum cleaners, one of James Dyson's triumphs was marketing the cleaner.Conventional thinking would have had him throwing plenty of money into an advertising and marketing campaign.

Instead, Dyson opted for a totally different approach. He set out to persuade retailers of the quality of his vacuum cleaner and relied on word-of-mouth to generate sales, as well as the occasional article on the Dyson DC01 (a vacuum cleaner). It worked. Six months after its launch in September 1993, Dyson was churning out 1,000 units every week. Word-of-mouth is still the most important selling tool for the company.

Contrarotator MarketingI believe that the elements that made their previous campaigns so successful will also prove effective in the machines marketing strategy. The secret to Dysons success is the quality of its products, together with a revolutionary design. People will take notice of its unusual design, and then will notice the quality of its wash. This will prove to be the most powerful and effective aspect of selling the Contrarotator.CompetitionThe main competitors in the washing machine market are Hoover, Whirlpool and a lesser known brand called Miele.

HooverHoover, a company also best known for vacuum cleaners, most powerful Washing Machine is the Hoover 6AAA Whisper. Its main selling point is the standard of its wash twinned with the amount of volume that the machine actually makes.WhirlpoolWhirlpools latest offering is the AWM 5104. They are relying on its unique functions to suit certain materials to hopefully give them the edge against other brands.MieleMiele are mostly depending on low water consumption of the Novotronic W 1903 A to catapult it ahead of its better-known competitors.

Its obscurity may be its downfall against other better-established brands.As you can see, the Dysons new machine has healthy competition in the marketplace, and success will hinge on the marketing campaign of each model. Obviously, the richest company will spend more money on their marketing strategy, but that may not as successful as a cheaper yet better-devised strategy.