Various research studies have been directed to the various socio-economic factors which are affecting the African American boys/ males.

However, the same research is only a recent phenomena developed to address the various sociological factors affecting these people. (Buzawa, 1992) Among the light of these many factors is the influence of the domestic violence to the academic portfolio of these children.By its definition, domestic violence means the states of violent confrontations which occurs between the different family members of the family which may include sexual assault, physical harming, infiltration of fear and excessive application of pressure on the rights of the others within the family. Recent studies shows that 26% of the African American boys have been affected negatively in the academic results by this problem.

(Mullender, 1996, Cook, 1997)Generally while at school, the boys are characterized by exorbitantly excessive situations of stress which is beyond the state of its management. Various characteristics including stress conditions have been found out which have negatively affected their studies. Domestic violence subjects them to sphere educational standards which could even range to taking the boys to gender sensitive schools. (Hambeger, 1996) However, such schools have lacked the adequate academic structures for the most appropriate education.The same boys however much schooled are faced with extreme disproportional in opportunities within the labor market.

(Hyle, 1999) They are usually having little access to the most adequate level of education standards which are got from the instability got from the unstable families. (May, 2005) Domestic violence has been found to provide traumatic conditions to the African American children which negatively underscore their concentration in schools. However, there are many emerging programs that provide social support to such children.However, though many research findings have had various findings, the general public has continued to underscore the attention ascribed to these children.

(Colker, 2006, Shipway, 2004)) Due to the disparity in the socio-economic dispensation between the African American people and the others, low levels of education have been a major problem. However, domestic violence has been a physical cause of social trauma to the children which acts to negatively affect the school attention and hence poor success. (Bohmer, et al, 2002, Darris, 1998)