School Problems – Student tends to put their attention in playing DotA if they get fail grades or low grades. School is a great source of self – esteem. It can build up or break down a student. So whenever the student gets failing grade or low grade, their motivation gets low. When they are having a problem in school, they use DotA as past time to relieve frustration. Their focus gets more in playing DotA than solving the problem because of the happiness achieved when he/she won a game.

And when they won, they gets more interested and focused on winning another game. Because of focusing their attention on DotA, they don’t know that they don’t have much time to solve their problem because of too much playing DotA. Too much frustration in school activities is what makes them to play. They want to relieve stress and frustration of what is really happening to his academic studies. Addiction – There are something that keeps them to play DotA.

It is the enjoyment when you’re playing this multiplayer game. Strategy is also the other one because we, when playing DotA, are concentrating on how to win the game. We are using some strategies to achieve it. Include also the peer pressure of your friends who are inviting you to play with them. And there where enjoyment goes. The bonds of friendship happening to you and your friends keep you to play more with them. And when they enjoy playing DotA, their time for studying gets wasted.

And Instead of going to school, they're cutting classes and goes to internet cafes with friends to play DotA. Lack of Sleep - Many students nowadays used to play DotA right after there class and those hours of playing, keeping them to play until mourning and it’s the reason for them to be late in there morning class due to their enjoyment in playing DotA and this is the reason why students used to absent there class.