There's always that early morning rush and panic when you think you’re all set to go on holiday. You check you have packed everything and that the young children are settled and securely strapped in to their seats. As you drive away from the house your mind is going over a list of belongings you have packed when you realize you've forgotten something. Luckily you’re only a few minutes down the road so your dad turns round and drives back.

Of course there is always one person who has forgotten to go to the toilet and comes back in the house with you as you hurried collect whatever you've forgotten. After all that hastle you’re back in the car and driving to the airport. Your younger siblings get bored easily and ask every five minutes whether we're there yet; of course you are getting annoyed with them and on the edge of an argument, when your mother relieves the situation by playing a game like looking out for different animals in fields.

That keeps them quiet for a hour or so! Once within the grounds of the airport, the first struggle is to find a parking spot. Most spaces are already taken and drivers are left battling to get the next available spot. Everyone soon clambers out the stuffed car and stretches their arms and legs which have often gone stiff or numb from the journey. The younger siblings rush off with their father to get a trolley for the luggage while the eldest child and their mother start unloading heavy luggage out of the car.

Eventually all the luggage is hauled out of the car and on to the trolley and the whole family stroll towards the airport. Often when you step inside an airport in the holiday season you wished you never arrived and turn back to leave but your parents are always there to pull you back in. The noise of people talking rises bit by bit to a point that you find it hard to concentrate and hear the person you’re talking to. Queues are normally agonisingly long and young children get impatient and bored and often wonder off unless their parents are holding their hands.

It’s easy for young children to get lost with so many people around, parents end up panicking when they can't find them and go on a massive search for them, often splitting up leaving someone responsible with hand bags, tickets and passports. Queues moved inch by inch, the family getting closer to the front, holding tightly on to the sibling hands while the eldest sibling tries to keep them entertained until they reached check in. After checking in you are allowed to explore for a while until you have to go through security. Security sometimes causes hassle.

You think you've removed everything metal off you to find once you go through the detector that it goes off on you. Security searches you to find nothing on you, or in some circumstances you've forgotten to take out some coin or keys. To little children, big guard dogs and policeman with rifles look pretty scary and intimidating and often hide behind their parents in fright. Once in the waiting area you can relax slightly until your flight is called and once again have to queue to show passports and tickets before you’re allowed to board the plane.

Once on board the plane you have to search for your seat and often have to ask a much taller person than you to help put your hand luggage in to overhead cabinet before settling down finding yourself either in between your often over excitable siblings, next to a complete stranger or in your secure favourite spot next to the window. Parents often have to help buckling their younger children in before the plane crew give demonstrations, which if you've been abroad before you have seen these demonstrations several times before.

When about to take off people often suck on boiled sweets which are supposed to prevent your ears from popping but it doesn't always necessarily work. If your lucky enough to find yourself by a window you can look out and see fields, small dots of cars, building and people and smile when you notice little children waving out the window to people below who can't really see you. As the plane gets higher the plane goes over different forms of clouds. Depending on your destinations some flights can take several hours and often fly through the night.

So how some people manage to sleep on the plane while others have a constant struggle and end up watching a movie on big screen to pass the time away. Plane food isn't the best of quality but that depends on what kind of service you use. As you get closer to you destination, the plane gets lower and you get a good view of where you are staying from above. The pilot lands safely and everyone prepares to leave the plane. Once stopped everyone takes out their hand luggage and file of the plane and appear in a new unfamiliar country.

Then often begins the process of going through security and waiting for your luggage when really you want to be out exploring the country instead of being stuck in the airport. Younger siblings are either tired and want to go to sleep or are simply too excitable to control and end up running around everywhere while the parents try to catch them. Once everything is gathered together you are allowed to explore and discover the country freely and stress free! Hopefully you have a holiday you'll never forget and will stay in your mind forever! Happy Holidays Everyone!