This paper discusses about the California Department of Social Services. Set up in 1903, the mission of the department in the words of the officials can be reckoned as, “The mission of the California Department of Social Services is to serve, aid, and protect needy and vulnerable children and adults in ways that strengthen and preserve families, encourage personal responsibility, and foster independence. ” In the recent budget, the Governor of State, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed his budget for the year 2008-09. The Department is supported financially by two main organizations or administrations.

The Administration for Children and Families (ACF), within the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is responsible largely for federal programs that promote the economic and social well-being of families, children, individuals, and communities which come under the department. It is actually a large amount of help that ACF and HHS lend to the California Department. Another big helping hand comes from Grants. gov. The funding for refugees comes from Refugee program funding opportunities. Usually a licensee has to undergo a rigid procedure to become one.

In order to apply for a license, one must first attend an orientation. There is a considerable amount of research which takes place to establish one as a licensee. If the licensee fails to perform his/her duty, severe actions are taken to control the situation. Enforcement is also made through penalties and fees. However, such a situation is difficult to arise since the CCL carries out careful checks before bestowing a license upon someone. Donations are not made directly. To contribute, one can become a licensee and adopt a child or an adult.

To become a licensee, one can attend orientation sessions for a refundable sum of $25. The licensee has to undergo a rigid selection procedure. Some questions which are generally asked are: “Am I willing to open my home to other families and to have my home inspected by the Child Care Licensing Agency? ”; “Am I willing to meet all licensing requirements and, if required, make changes to my home? ”; “Is my family supportive of my plans to operate a Family Child Care Home, and are they willing to get criminal background checks?”

One must be familiar with all Family Child Care Home licensing laws and regulations. One has to submit finger prints for criminal check records. Also, one has to undertake rigorous 15 hours preventive health training. The California Department of Social Services ensures that the facility is provided to the needy and that the people who are providing the facility are worthy of it. It takes enormous efforts to ensure that the services are given out to the benefit of the State and country.