Deforestation has become the biggest environmental concern today. Both governments and civilians have neither made many efforts nor taken initiatives to stop this menace.

Deforestation is taking place at a startling rate of 150,000 square kilometers per year and many rain forests are expected to disappear in 10 to 15 years if the current rate of deforestation continues. There are many reasons why deforestation must be stopped. Continued destruction of forests has forced many tribes and cultures to move out of their natural settings and seek new living accommodations.This displacement has left many people to loose their heritage and culture. The indigenous people of Brazil are a good example of the suffering caused by the process of deforestation.

Many case studies confirm that the land and resources of the indigenous population of Brazil were taken away by outsiders. Instead of helping the people take back their land and resources the Brazilian Government actually passed laws that promoted the development of the Amazonian region.Many other climatic and environmental changes have also taken place in various parts of the world as a result of deforestation. These changes include desiccation of previously moist forest soil, dramatic increase in temperature, moist humid region turning into deserts, lack of water, decrease in overall carbon dioxide and nitrogen exchange. Deforestation has also helped in destroying the wealth of life on Earth including the millions of plants, animals, and micro-organisms and the intricate ecosystems.As a result many plants and animals have become extinct.

The reduced planetary gene pool and the lack of biodiversity may have many unforeseen consequences in the future. Many greedy civilians and corporations have also exploited the natural resources for their own benefits. They make huge profits by selling rare exotic timber for exorbitant prices. Civilians and governments all around the world must work together in order to counter the effects of deforestation.

People should not waste paper and use mostly recycled paper.Using fuel efficient cars, certified furniture and wood, buying organic fruits and vegetables, saving water and electricity are excellent ways we all can contribute to the effort. Government should pass laws that inhibit resource exploitation and also set some hectares of land aside from development. Lastly, the governments of each and every country should require every able-bodied citizen to plant three to five trees per year or do the equivalent amount of work in other forest services