As I look back in my life there have been many moments that were very special and important to me. Sometimes, something happens and you realise that after this your entire outlook on life is going to change.

Something like that has happened to me and I have realised that nothing in this world ever remains the same. My story begins with me in my old school back in India where I had been studying for the past ten years. I was always a well looked after child with dotting and loving parents, nothing ever bothering me seriously. I had always stayed in hostel, that was since I was in class 2.My whole life always revolved around me and my friends and nothing else.

I was really happy with everything; I had a very close knit and happy family and although my parents were away overseas my grandmom was like my mother who visited me in the hostel every weekend; good friends in the class and hostels with whom closeness and affection grew as we shared the commoness that our parents were away; and I enjoyed myself very much with this happy state of life. Ofcourse there were many negaitve things as well in my life but as far as I was concerned I was happy and I didn't want to change my life for anything else.I had alot of friends and life in the hostel was always good and a lot of fun. And as time flew which seemed very slow at the time and without realising fully I was creeping towards being a senior in the school. When I reached class10 it dawned on me that it was nearly time for me to leave my school and then I began to realise that all of the fun times and my life in my old school was about to end.

As I pondered, I was stung by the fact that I would be leaving all my affectionate friends, some of them who I thought I did not particularly like now became dear to me and I to them as well.The dormitories which we often critisised as being dingy now looked as if they were telling me not to leave them. I did not know how it was going to be like once I leave and go to other schools. I was a bit nervous towards the end but I was confident that my school had taught me a lot for me to go out and face the world.

As the end neared and farewell parties took place and goodbye cards were being given out I realised that I could not and should not cling to the past if I was to move boldly ahead; I had to leave all my old friends this was now 'fait accompli' and make new ones.I had never done that before and I wasn't sure how I was going to react but I was determined to show a strong face with my friends, this was partly to alleviate the dilemma my friends were in as well because I knew we were all going through the same kind of emotions. Equally I was consoling myself with the prospect of a new place, living in a totally new country, a new school and new friends. When the day came for us to depart and go our own ways, after ten years together, tears were shed and farewells were said to one another.

It was excruciating at the time and eventually I had to force myself away from my friends.It was a sad day for everyone who were leaving and we were all scared and confused of our feelings of exitement and fearness of exploring a whole new world and a new life. When I departed from my friends I didn't know whether we were ever going to see each other again but vowed that we would have a reunion in ten years time; of-course we would keep in touch with each other through the proverbial internet. This moment made me realise that nothing in life is permanent and that everything is temporary, everything changes constantly, the friends, the place and as the proverb goes 'the only thing that is constant is change'.I can also now compare our life to a flowing stream, it can not flow back the nature will not allow it.

The immediate new chapter of my life saw me in Brunei where my father works for the Government of His Majesty the Sultan of Negara Brunei Darussalam. Leading up to the time of applying for enrolment into JIS my mind was somewhat still back in my old school and my friends there. But as the process of enrolment got underway and I saw how beautiful the new school was I was filled with the anticipation that everything was going to be just fine.Also as this was going on, my parents and I were already talking about me going to university,getting a job and other things. I know that I have to leave JIS again after two years and again make new friends and start another life totally different from here . This type of process will go on till I finish my studies and settle down.

In conclusion, as a result of the past few months I am now aware that days of our life is constantly changing all the time and we should be prepared for it but even if we aren't it will take it's natural course but you should cherish all that was in the past.