I would have to best describe my most prominent defensive behavior as displacement. Many times when I am unhappy at home or work or even at school, I will also use repression to begin my displacement. I will not address the issue with the person whom I need to confront; I will supress it and let it get me so worked up that it finally comes out in displacement. However, I usually displace my hostility or anger or displeasure on something rather than someone. I like to take my frustrations out at the gym. This seems to work for me and does not have too many negative effects.

I get a good work out in and seem to feel much better when I leave the gym. In addition to motivation, this also provides me with something to talk about with my friends when we get the chance to get together and blow off steam. However, I realize that these behaviors are not the most healthy. I need to learn to address issues immediately before they have time to grow into something larger. I realize that I may be blowing things out of proportion by sitting on the issue too long. I do like to have some motivation for the gym, but I can easily find something more positive as my motivation as opposed to negative feelings and issues.