The cultural differences among global communities may have various impacts to sub groups of social affiliation. However, the global culture is starting to realize the outright influence of de-constructive and re-constructive post modernist perspectives. This makes it possible for an individual to take part in the widely open drama of cultural sublimation. The inflicting effect of de-constructive post modernism has been widely spread in many social functions.

In the field of entertainment, examples range from music to commercial movies. One good case is the recently shown film ‘300’. The movie has an obvious theme of presenting the historical European battle but was depicted using computer game like presentation. This provided an enjoyable feat that catered to all generation groups. This is a very commendable project for it has eliminated the rather bland effect of the plot by using appealing technology mediums.

On the other hand, re-constructive post modernism has still a wider and stronger grip to almost all of the societies of today. Some of the most crucial indicators may well be observed on how a greater number of the population still enjoys music created by bands and rock stars, one good example would be Linkin Park. A greater number of population still finds it enticing to listen hard coated musicality that reflects the social function of today’s generation.

Even though it is still possible to escape pop culture, it would still take time and a lot of revolutionary effort to let the population know that alternatives are very much available. The individuals utilizing them are those who are doing their own experiments on how things will suit their personal preferences, unmindful of what the society would think about the action.