Looking back into the Decisions in Paradise Part I and II, it covered identifying the problems, defining criteria, goals and objectives, evaluating the effect of the problems and identifying the cause of the problems. In the third and final phase of this evaluation, I will now offer recommendations that One Stop Super Center can use to move forward in its expansion to the island of Kava. Working through the last part of the five step decision-making process, will review the factors that will have to be considered during implementation.

We will work to evaluate resources that will be needed during the part of the decision-making process. Once the implementation has taken place, measuring the process will be necessary to ensure that the plan stays on track. The evaluation of the stakeholders and the ethical implications of the solution will also need to be evaluated to ensure a proper solution have taken place. After consulting with various departments within our organization, I have devised a written plan to use as a guide when meeting with the government.

The first step I will carry out in this plan is to organize a roundtable meeting with representatives from all aspects of business on Kava, as well as government officials. The first meeting of officials will consist of identifying all of the problems that Kava faces from natural disasters and diseases. This will stress our concerns regarding environment and financial impact current and future problems. Deterring factors affecting decision implementation in an organization and your proposed solution(s)

Next, I will be tasking with suggesting solutions to quickly protect the population and infrastructure, and move toward a speedy recovery after an event occurs. The government of Kava has the option to enlist the help of a United States based company that specializes in rebuilding disaster-ridden businesses, Small Business Administration (SBA). My organization and SBA have vast resources and can pull together a coalition of help from the nations of the world to aid Kava. The industries that export goods worldwide such as coffee, bananas, sugar, spices, petroleum, and natural gas, will be top priority for assistance.

Worldwide markets are affecting when Kava is bombard with disasters. These industries are a major part of the economy and need to be protected. The infrastructure of these exports will be upgraded with the latest technology such as construction, communications, utilities, computers, and information technology. Early warning systems and communications to citizens will be a key factor to minimize massive losses and should be implemented right away. Transportation of goods will need to be reliable as well. When an impending disaster is imminent, a surplus of goods shall be exported to a location that is secure from the island.

In turn, a surplus of resources shall be waiting at a safe location after an event occurs. Logistic plans will need to be in place in order to effectively deploy resources. Evaluating resources and actions required for decision implementation in an organization and your proposed solution(s) Upon completion of gathering the plans to improve the infrastructure of Kava, the next step is to identify a secure location to establish a base of operations. This location will need to be above sea level to avoid flooding and the building structure needs to be able to handle hurricane force winds.

The facility should have the ability to operate independently from the main grid system of utilities. This is so operations can continue in the event of prolonged power utility outages. One Stop Super Center will need to have a functional call center at all times because they will be receiving all customer services call internal and external customers. Establishing a location and building that could handle natural disasters could be beneficial to Kava as being the Emergency shelter for citizens and tourist.

The Call center could possibly be a secure location for storing a surplus of goods when a disaster is imminent. Evaluating the ethical implications from shareholders perspectives of your proposed solution(s) Establishing a call center in Kava can prove to be cost effective by utilizing the low labor cost. Since the majority of the underage population will complete school in a few years, they will be an excellent source of workers. Vocational education can be implemented to offer specific training to prepare students prior to entering the workforce.

Since many of the citizens are of diverse backgrounds, some may be resistant to western forms of education. With the assistance of Kava government, an education plan will need to be implemented to educate the mostly young population as well as the uneducated adults. English, Spanish, and French are the common languages spoken on Kava. Therefore, One Stop Super Center should consider recruitment of local educators to assist in culture training, education, and learning to speak English for those who do not already.

Company training materials, employee handbooks, and other documentation my need to be printed in three languages as local employment is utilized. The employee code of business conduct will be a valuable tool to guide Alex and myself as we incorporate our business culture to the island of Kava. It is my objective to educate the future employees in Kava with the business ethnicity that has made individual successful. This training will make employees more productive in their communities, thereby leading to an improved infrastructure within the government.

The company has also offered a dedicated human resources representative to assist in any questionable situations. Prior to any expansion to Kava, One Stop Super Center will need to compile a list of current employees that are single and have interest in traveling overseas. The company wants to make sure they are not seen as lowering company standards since they have decided to outsource the customer service center to Kava. The vanguard employees will aid in the development of operations and will assign certain tasks to get customer feedback on the decision.

Overview Task of expanding to a remote location is daunting. However, with a well thought out plan using the five step decision-making process, I have formulated a plan to expand our operations. Utilizing the company’s human resource department and adhering to the business code of conduct, we will lead by example to make every decision an ethical decision. I will remain sensitive to the diverse cultures and religions. In the end stakeholders, such as the people and the government of Kava, as well as One Stop Super Center will benefit.