If you have a death note, would you like to use it? No! I will not use it because; first, it placed the human life in the hands of mortal man; second, it denies the victims the opportunity for a changed life, and third, it deprive the victims of the rights to repent of their sins in order to have at least a hope they can go to heaven when they die. While it is true that many people do not believe in life after death, but it is a different story when a person is facing a sure death.

He or she learns to call on God. Thus, in the justice system, convicts are given the right to confess their sins before a man of god. The death note is a notebook drop by the god of death in which anyone who has it can kill any body whose face and real is known (Death God). In their introduction, Tsugami Ohba and Obata Takeshi stated that a monstrous creature appears to the owner of the death note as servant who in turn kills anyone whose name is written on the death note and whose face is known.

Although death note is both anime online and a movie, but if it is a reality, I will never use it. It may be a good way to rid the world of criminals and other lawless and corrupt elements, nevertheless, only God have the right to take back human lives. Every single human life is precious to God and only God knows what lies ahead and what is in store for every one. Even the notorious criminal can be changed and become a better person. It is this notion that most religious groups are against death penalty.

The statement of people of faith against death penalty condemns it as particularly abhorrent because it assumes infallibility in the course of determining guilt. Hastened death deprived a person the time to learn his mistakes in life and to correct those mistakes. The religious ideas on hastening death are that it is a form of violence contrary to the will of God (Friends United Meeting). Therefore, any does not have the right to take life whether institutionally or as vengeance of grave crime, the person has committed in the past.