The focal point of the paper is to prepare an autobiographical research paper that analyzes the influences of race as it relates to my community i. e. Daytona Beach Area. In this paper a first-person account would be presented on how human interactions in the community have been racialized. For the community, considerations would be made in relation to the neighborhood, local government, service groups, clubs, schools, workplace, or any environment of which I am a part. My community is situated in Volusia country in Florida. It is a wonderful resort area with lots of beaches that are considered to be the best in the world.

It also hosts the best educational institutions like Keiser College Daytona Beach Campus, Beach Community College, Bethune-Cookman College and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. It should be mentioned that our area is very culturally developed with several significant places of interest that includes Southeast Museum of Photography, Museum of Arts & Sciences, International Motor sports Hall of Fame, Halifax Historical Museum and most of all, the second most tallest construction in the United States, Ponce de Leon Inlet Light.

In general terms it could be mentioned that the Daytona Beach Area consists of about a population of 65000 in accordance to the 2000 census report. The same report indicates that there are about 29000 household and the number of families located in the city is about 14000. The population density of the area is about 410 people per square kilometers. The racial demography of the area mostly consist Whites and Hispanics with a number of African Americans. There are also minority communities of Asian, American Indians and few other races including Pacific islanders.

Most of the members of my community look like me or it could be said the majority of the Daytona Beach Area are racially similar to my community but at the same time it should be mentioned that there are a good number of people belonging to the Hispanic origin. In a way they look different as they have a comparatively shorter forehead and higher cheek bones. Their eyes are slitter and the skin complexion is browner. The basic structure of these communities is shorter and corpulently built.

In general sense the leaders within my community treat people with much compassion who are from the same community but this is not to suggest that they ill treat people who are different. In fact it appears at occasions that they treat them better but this is an observation from a personal point of view. It could be mentioned that other members of my community treat people who are like them in a normal customary manner, however, this does not holds truth while they interact with people who are different.

But this hardly suggests that they misbehave with them. Only this that they do not always acts in a similar manner. There is always a distance. My texts or work manuals surely contain information by or about people like me as I feel it is an obvious notion to have while I am a part of the community. Most of the local media is represented by people like me. This is because this Daytona Beach Area is soundly populated with people from my own community and it is logical to have them in all profession including the media.

There are obviously some similarities and differences between me and the people who are in leadership positions in my community. This is again obvious because being a representative of my own community the basics of the leaders like work, food and dress habits are quite similar to me but there are differences too and it is mostly about exercising power and contacts. The leaders are sure to have them in surplus. However, I do feel that minority group interests are represented within my community though there are very few leaders from those groups.

The leaders of my community look well after the needs of the minority communities. If I could resolve any inequities within my community the main aspect that would be changed would be the variables regarding economic differences with the community. This inequality is not a subject to be encouraged as this creates difference between person to person more than any other element. The best and the most impressive methods would be to tax the higher income group with more vigor.

The main concept of the text that relates to race is the approach of discrimination that is instrumental within the parameters of opportunity and education format in the context of neighborhood selection. It is a curious fact that people of the same community tends to live together in a compact neighborhood even though there is supposed to be equal treatment, facility and opportunity for all. One of the most difficult issues in my community is the issue of language. As there is a good number of Hispanic populations it becomes noticeable that use of Spanish is coexisting.

However, in recent times there are some quarters who claim there should be only English in business and office sectors in the Daytona Beach Area. There are no such direct beneficiaries from this proposal apart from those who support it and that too in a indirect manner as enhancing the use of English would not enhance any commercial purpose and the only benefit, if any, could be enumerated as the implementation of personal ego as a English speaker on non-English speakers.

But while presenting the argument for all English usage they referred that use of Spanish in business would ultimately corrupt the system. The other point is to save quite a substantial amount of government dollar as it is used for translation and documenting other than that are related to international trade, health and tourism. This entire issue to me is something uncalled for even though the use of Spanish sometimes creates problem for our community. However, as an active part time worker of The Homeless Family Shelter I have often experienced the ill affects of racial differences.

I feel that one of the most compelling developments of our age is the recognition of multicultural of multiracial society and how they translate to each and every individual. The challenge is not just in recognizing other races but more importantly the culture and heritage of people must also be recognized. For a democratic society with its democratic form of government system it is but an obvious choice to opt for a society that is mostly color blind. The basis custom of a democratic society is to provide its mass with a structural form that offers equality in terms of justice and social characteristic.

The presence of racism is well documented in many societal domains including workplace, school, health care, and housing like simple dialogues such as my sister is having an affair with an Indian or so. It could be summarized that racism is the result of having negative judgments, beliefs, and feelings towards certain identifiable groups. As a worker of The Homeless Family Shelter I have witnessed that the immigrants for who we are working hard are reluctant to appreciate it. So much so that I have feeling that they do not trust us either. (Fetcher, 2003, 91-98)

It is thus no wonder that famous civil right activist Mary McLeod Bethune believes that it is very peculiar to consider racism is an ideology where humans are separated into various groups in the belief that some people are superior because they belong to a particular ethnic or national group. (Lamb, 2006, 229) At the same time it should be remembered that the respected governor of Florida David Sholtz once said in an interview that racism is an unwanted fact but it is also extremely true at the same time that racism is a curse that exists among us whether we like it or not.

In conclusion it should be mentioned that even though there are no visible existence of racism in our Daytona Beach Area it is true that it exists in a dormant form and this is risky because no dormant activity is safe as it can erupt anytime. As a result even though we do not consider ourselves to be racist it is important to wipe out even the slightest indication of such elements within us. This is the only way the minorities would believe us and our Daytona Beach Area would be the most demographically significant area in terms of cooperative coexistence.