Taking risks will bestow people new stories and new adventure. Lives without exhilarating stories seem extremely tedious. For instance, in the poem "Curiosity" by Alastair Reid discusses how dogs do not take risks and do not experience any adventures. A life with a story portrays by cats, creatures that are exceedingly adventurous and carefree. In “Curiosity,” Reid demonstrates how cats and dogs relate to humans when it comes to taking risk. Reid also utilizes poetic elements such as allegory and incorporates cats and dogs to teach people to take chances in life.

In this poem, Reid applies allegory to clarify what the hidden meaning of the poem. The hidden meaning of the poem is that curiosity does not kill anyone, but the lack of it will result in not obtaining the satisfaction of life. He employs cats and dogs, and their habits to represent the meaning. Dogs portray people who agonize about the consequence and play safe. They do not want to face any danger because the outcome terrifies them. Instead, they just observe and criticize others.

Cats portray people who are incredibly happy-go-lucky, they do whatever they desire and take risks. In the poem, dogs describe them as, “... irresponsible, are changeable, marry too many wives, desert their children... ” In this way, Reid presents advices to the readers about being curious. For example, "Curiosity will not cause us to die-only lack of it will," and "Only the curious have if they live, a tale worth telling at all. " These advices inform the readers that curiosity will offer experiences that you can cherish your whole life.

Overall, Reid uses cats and dogs, and their practices to explain the difference between people who are curious and not curious. This view is significant because people do not intend to take risks and live a fearful life. Everyone needs to go on an adventure even if the results you acquire benefit or hurt you. It leaves the reader wondering that being curious about your surroundings is not a horrific thought. After all, it can lead us to living a stimulating life while discovering our true personality. This poem demonstrates that taking risks will remove our regrets in life.