Dear Ms.

XXX:I write announcing my interest and application for the Summer Camp Counselor internship position posted on the University of Iowa’s I possess the qualifications desired to effectively execute the duties and responsibilities of a summer camp counselor. My diverse work experiences and educational background demonstrate my ability to successfully produce the quality outcomes expected by both the administration and participants of Camp Starlight.I provide two years of experience as a camp counselor.

My experiences at InterLangua Global Education in Emeryville, CA exemplify my promise as a summer camp counselor intern. I spent my first year as a teacher assistant. During this period I bridged communication between classroom teachers and camp participants. I was promoted as a result of my excellence to Class Advisor the following summer. As an advisor, I supervised lectures, aided in the development of classroom curriculum, and worked closely with a primary counselor. Both roles aid my understanding of the expectations to fulfill the duties of your internship position.

And, both indicate my promise to provide the type of service and work you want from a staff member.In addition, my education promises I possess the skills you require in a successful camp counselor. As a senior majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Educational Psychology, my courses exposed me to theories and practices that will aid me in successfully achieving the ends you desire. For instance, I can provide team building strategies developing a comfortable and safe environment for campers. I possess skills to enrich the learning environment of the camp. And, I know of many fun activities to drive camper’s interest in participating in group events.