In this paper I will cover the following: Identify the problems presented and the various relationships established by organized crime. Describe the legal limitations associated with combating organized crime, including a critique of major federal laws and strategies that support this effort. Suggest a realistic solution to control organized crime by discussing and evaluating the effectiveness of organized crime prosecutions. Organized crime groups are groups of people who are usually from the same background. These organizations work with those who are set up as legal business who does illegal activities through these businesses.

The theories that I have given below will be able to help those who are need of assisted of finding some sort of solutions as well as the cause of how organized crimes got started. The theories that I have given is supported by lots of research, as well as lots of statics. These tools gives reasons and help those understand, why these groups participate in many illegal aactivities. As well as why they are so successful and hard for law enforcement to apprehend. These theory's will also help the law enforcement figure ou t the areas that will more likely to have organized crime as well as who will be involved with it.

According to the alien theory those who have dealing with organized crime the Costra Nostra also referred to as the Italian American who came to America many years ago. When the Costra Nostra came to America they began developing many organizations around the world. Also according to this theory this was their meaning of survival as stated in our reading. (University of Phoenix, 2010).

The social control theory states that an individual's care about the community that they live in usually want commit any illegal activities in that community.This theory also believe before a person a crime they usually will about the consequence that they will face if they committed this crime. The social control theory also states that if the community continues to show that they care about the people who live in the community by offer different programs and displays morals and respect it would be hard for criminal activities to exist (University of Phoenix, 2010). The differential association theory focus on the social group-environment.

In this theory it believes that people who associate with those who do not commit crimes will do the same.The opposite goes for those who are associated with those who does commit crimes (University of Phoenix, 2010). The strain and anomie theory believes that people who commit crimes do so because they want a chance at a better life. When they feel that they can’t get what they want by doing it the legal way then they start doing illegal things. Even though they are committing illegal activities it seems to give them more of the American dream that they always dreamt of (University of Phoenix, 2010). Legal limitations can affect law enforcement's need to put criminals behind bars and bring down organizations.

Every state has their own constitution and it is set up differently from others. There may be a jurisdiction who has procedures that may get in the way of another jurisdiction and causes problems with the law arresting a criminal. Criminals are very smart individuals and know just how far to go without taking a big risk. A big problem that law enforcement may also be faced with is rules and regulations that may limit theme as well (Stephens, 1996). If limitations were strict then it would make it much harder for criminals as well as organizations to avoid being capture by the law.However since it is not we will continue to see more crimes in the world and the law efforts in combating crime will be useless.

I believe that if there was some sort of law in place that allowed officers to be able to do investigations in other jurisdictions instead of just their own then it would be less difficult for them to solve crimes and much easier. However there is always a down side to the situation which is that with less stringent limitation it could also cause problems with investigations. This may some how violate the rights of others.Here in the United States we are always trying to join forces with others in order to fight terrorism in the US. The United States believe that we are targeted because there are those who believe that we do enot have firmness in our position.

Those who are not stable believe to be very vulnerable to others (Public Safety Canada, 2006). Senator John McMcClellan put into effect a law that states how to handle combating criminal organizations. This law punished anyone who is engaged in any illegal activities with the Mafia as well as individuals dealing in any criminal activities (Organized Crime in the U. S.

, 2009).There are many solutions can help law e when they are trying to control organized crime. There is many new technology at the finger tip of the law and they can use these technologies in many different ways. There is many things that can be researched by using these technologies. Research can give those who are interested the information that they need in order to make their job much easier.

Research can give them the facts and statics associated with the many types of organizations in order to make them more familiar and aware of how they operate.Another solution would be for governmental officials to put into place some sort of law that would have other law enforcement to work with trying to help other law enforcement with having some issues with doing so and come together as a team as they should. Conclusion Finally after reading about organized crime, I realize how hard of a time law enforcement have. However there are many different types of technology out there that can make their work a little easy for them. The theories provided in this paper can also give them a little knowledge on how to deal with organized crime groups.