"Computer games are poisoning the minds of young people and taking over their lives! " What a ridiculous statement! As an enthusiastic gamer i know beeter than anyone that video game are source of entertainment and also of learning. Computer games are nothing but fun. I have heard countless stuffy old adults complaining "video games make people violent! " But until i see a game that hands someone a gun and tells them to go shott someone ill have to disagree with you. Let's remember a game has never started a war, but a person (who never played a video game) did. Games are nothing but a way of escaping and relaxing in a different world.

Jump, shoot, roll, dodge. A world where everything is done for you. Gaming is merely a way to relax and switch off. Gaming offers a sense of achievement (virtual achievement maybe) but when your failing English in school but your amazing at Grand Turismo 4, then hey! What really matters? Games are also a valuble learning resource , for instance i wouldn't be able to tell you the difference between Florence and Venice is it wasn't for Assassin's Creed 2 (and it even taught me a little Italian) When i hear facts such as, "in the last ten years 335 million computer and video have been bought in the UK" i think "good!"

Thats 335 million games that will inspire people to be nothing but the best. These games will inspire boys and girls to become game designers, games artists and so much more! Yeah sometimes they may have the "wrong effect, but you can't blame an inanimate object. People cattack the use of video games, constantly critiscising them, saying they are bad for you but, i ask you, what's more inspiring, a game or a piece of fruit? I've never known someone whos eaten a banana and thought "hey i want to pick bananas for a living!"

That never happens but i know countless people who have played games and have went on to become game designers. People use video games as a scapegoat. Yeah the world's very violent, that has nothing to do with pointless wars over oil, dictators or even propoganda. The worlds a mess because of video games! I hope you realise how stupid that sounds! Just because you don't understand how to use a xbox controller doesn't mean it kills people. It's someones choice if they want to play video games or not, lets put it this way, i'd rather be addicted to gaming than being addicted to drugs.