Every new year is a new me right? Well that is how I think every year because I know I am going to get a raise, I am going to loose weight, I am going to make some changes. This is what we all like to think when that ball drops, what can I do to improve? I feel as if I have excelled at my job, I am lost in how I can challenge myself with a new year. With a new year becomes a performance review with a raise.

Simon Property Group is my employer, I reach the goals every year in my position. Not only on my own, but with my team we have over achieved our goals that have been handed to us.Regionally we have been #1 in all areas, a great deal of this effort has been the administrative team that I supervise. As soon as the form is emailed to me, I cringe, it is time to start talking about myself, be my own cheerleader.

Not an easy task when you are always putting yourself down. Its my personality I feel as I am doing my job but I do not get recognized by my boss, only by the company. My boss is not a people person, he is our leader, so why is it that he can not take a moment to give us thanks.This thanks he feels comes into my paycheck every two weeks.

I take my career very serious, it is why I am in school finishing my degree, I am accomplishing what I set out to do. I have been employed in the same seat for the past 5 years, prior to this company I was working for Boston Properties within the same industry as an administrative assistant for 10 years. With my experience I have obtain my position here as an office manager. Every year the company is working long hours, typing away, printing away for the budget to be set for the upcoming year.

The company and managers have already set the amounts they are going to give to each employee for raises. Why is it year after year, my superiors have set the same percentage year after year for me? I am a person that goes above and beyond my duties, I am negotiating deals on a daily basis to get the top dollar from our tenants. I am in control of ordering supplies, office machines, managing people’s time, I am saving the company a great deal of money, not only am I receiving a great deal of money.I have built a relationship with my hire ups, I have built a relationship with those that I can negotiate with my salary about. I am told I can not talk to anyone but my boss. Our mall office is located 15 states away from the corporate office, it’s a phone call or email away.

I believe the company is concerned with my needs and wants as I have facts of my job of what I have done for our office thus, for the company as a whole. This process I have to take on is critical in the negotiating for my upcoming salary.One must wonder how can I go above my boss and search for the answers if they will not make the step for you? Are we protected or is it about control? How does one know when to step up and state their rights when they are in a negotiation? I can not burn any bridges with my boss nor can I with the company. We are suppose to work together as a team in the mall office, in which I believe we do to a certain point. There is an importance to a negotiation and that’s the personality.

Personality sets the tone of a negotiation, especially during a conflict management situation.Each person should adapt to the other person’s style, listen and learn before talking in front of the person. Respect is gained when your ears are listening and your mouth is waiting to respond. Those that speak before the other party is finished has a less constructive negotiation. There are 5 personality factors that affect negotiations: Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Emotional stability and Openness.

Conflicts are one of the indispensable parts of an organization. A negative impact can effect the workplace, this can happen during a negotiation.If I am told my salary requirements are too high, I have to take the raise I am handed, if was to not accept the salary then I am a negative impact to the company. My position falls under the human resource category by 30%. I handle payroll, hiring, firing, training and performance management.

Conflicts come my way each and every day, it is an important part of an organization in how we function. The main components of the company is the employees, we are the most important asset to the company.I have set up goals for myself to follow the company’s goals, I have achieved the goals about and beyond. I have made many changes to save money throughout the company and to gain more income from our property and our regions, therefore I would be surprised if the company would not negotiate with me on my salary.

The reason why my boss hired me is due to the knowledge I have, to make our office a productive business as well as an asset to the company. we shall see what comes of this review in March and what negotiations tactics I have learned to help me become more of an asset.