First of all Communication is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, visuals, writing, or behavior.

There' re different types of communicating. Communication can be physical, verbal, written or electronic. I prefer verbal communication the most. The best way to talk, give information or just understand the other person is to verbal communicate. Although electronic communication is faster and it's more popular these days I would rather speak face to face instead of writing or calling my firend. These days technologies help us to communicate all over the world.

For example The internet, cell phones, fax messages are modern ways of communicating, which let us give or receive information faster and easier. The main value of modern communication is the ability to share information. You can search for necessary information in the internet and be satisfied with the rich results. Furthermore electronic communication is good for collaboration at work.

People can talk business, send works to colleagues through the internet just in a few seconds. So these are the main means of communication. Finaly The Modern communication has some advantages.Communication is faster and easier than ever, so people on opposite sides of the world can speak to each other over the internet as if they were speaking in person.

Also we can talk to anyone anywhere, derive information from thousands of different sources - and there are no long distance charges. However modern communication has some disadvantages too. The downside is that we lose a great deal of our privacy and are susceptible to spam. Also we loose real face to face contact with our friends or even family, just because we commonly talk on the phone or right a message to them.There is too much English everywhere.

These days we spend half of our lives surfing the internet. We search for information, talk with other people or just entertain ourselves with the world's news. English is often used on the internet that it might make you think everyone in the world speaks English, or at least give you the impression that it's the world's most widely-spoken language. English certainly seems to be everywhere, from films to pop music and tv, and from business to science and other fields it's not only on the internet.About 12% of the world's population can communicate well in English and about 75% of the pages on the web are in english. These numbers show us that English is everywhere.

I agree that English is used all over the world but I don't think that there is to much of this language everywhere. In the world of technologies communication is the main subject. Because of eglish we can communicate easier and faster. It is really important to understand the information and other person using the modern technologies. And only because of widely-spoken english we can do that freely.

I think learning english lets us to understand most of the world.We can watch english movies, listen to english music, read english news and information so that we can be in touch with the hole world just because english is so popular and usable. Otherwise english is spreading into other languages. And not only the language is becoming more popular. The english culture and traditions circulates in the world.

In fact we are loosing our own cultural heritage. To summarise I think that english is everywhere and it's for our own good. Although English expansion has advantages as well as some disadvantages it makes communication easier.