In this case the symptoms that indicated problems at Lacrosse Industries were change in leadership, differentiation, and communication. The employees was objective to the style Vlodoski implemented. The employees were comfortable with their own form of style and procedures. Vlodoski failed to get the opinion of the employees before any changes. The company was working amongst two different styles, the styles of Lacrosse and Vlodoski. Vlodoski did not value the opinion of the employees. Lacrosse made sure the company was employee friendly and Vlodoski did not give a thought about it.

His focus was on lowering cost, not an employee friendly environment. In this case one of the leadership theories that analyzed the underlying cause would be Path-Goal Leadership Theory. LaCrosse implemented many leadership all four styles of leadership directive, supportive, participative, and achievement-oriented. He combined styles according to the situation at hand. Lacrosse maintained good communication and an employee friendly environment. His focus was to motivate and respect his employees, in return they would perform well and respect the vision of the company.

On the other hand, Vlodoski only had one particular style and that is directive. Vlodoski did not want interaction with the employee, he gave his demands from his office. He changed policies and procedures, removed leaders from any decision making process without any input from anyone. Competency Perspective of Leadership would be another theory that analyzing the underlying cause. LaCrosse displayed emotional intelligence, influenced and motivated employees, knowledge of the business, drive/vision for the company, integrity to interact and support his employees and self-confidence.

On the other hand, as Vlodoski definitely displays self-confidence, motivation it seems as if he cannot see or care about the vision of the business and make changes and decision without consideration from anyone. In this particular situation Lacrosse should stand firm and implement procedures and programs to keep the focus on the quality of the company. He should continue to make sure that everyone is working together towards the same goals.