Cabin Crew of role and responsibilities All cabin crew have to undergo security checks at airports before they enter the airplane. Also they has to check the passenger’s needs and check for any disabled passengers, so they can arrange any special needs for them.

Before the passengers arrive in the aircraft, cabin crew always need to check that there are enough supplies and that emergency equipment is working properly.The cabin crew they has to greet the passengers as they board the aircraft, direct them to their seats and make sure the entire luggage is safety stored away in the over head cabins. Also they need demonstrate emergency equipment and procedures. During a flight the crew members assist passengers, make calls on behalf of the captain and make sure passengers are comfortable and deal with any requests then serve food and drinks and sell duty-free goods.

In case of emergencies, cabin crew needs to check the reassure passengers in the event of an emergency, and make sure that the entire passengers are safe and they are following the correct emergency procedures. The cabin crew may need to deal with several emergencies such as fire or first aid situations. At the end of flight cabin crew members they have to make sure passengers leave the plane safely with all hand luggage. The crew members need to fill in written flight report recording any unusual incidents also need to add up and record food and drink orders and duty-free sales.