Bristol Zoo is one of the most popular zoo in west of England. This is a charity company and their main purpose to create a good future for all wildlife and people. Also, to educate people different animals around the world. Furthermore, Bristol zoo allows all animal lovers the chance to buy or adapt different animals. Moreover, Bristol zoo purpose is all about bringing all community together by providing different actives for them such animal wildlife concert, birthday parties and wedding ceremonies.

In addition, Bristol zoo aims to act ethically in all areas including fundraising and investment. Objectives of the business * Be the most popular zoo in the south west * Educate audiences and animal lovers and make them act in a way that benefits animals. * Respect their values effectively both inside and outside of the organisation. * To develop strong science research How Bristol zoo achieves these objectives Bristol zoo is a register charity company and it relies on financial and other help to meet its conservation and key objectives.However, the zoo has a very strong dedicated team who can achieve these objectives according to their business plans to make sure objectives are achieved successfully and noticeably on time, example one of the biggest objective of Bristol zoo is that they want to be the most popular zoo in the southwest and they do this by bringing different fascinating animals around the world which allow them to attract and engage more customers, community, individual supporters, partners and foundation trusts from all over Britain such as royalmail, Lloyds STB, The treasure, first bus. This allows them to spread the word and raise their image.

According to (Mant Head of Development) Furthermore, to raise its popularity 2007 Bristol zoo took part a programme or scheme called “businesses in the south west region” the main reason for this was to increase the support they get from partners and gain more sponsors so the business grows and generate more in come as well as raising their name and making the zoo noticeable to the wider audiences.This according to “Bristol zoo business report 2007” In addition, one of the biggest goals of Bristol to create strong relationship between humans and animals and they do this by providing customers innovative programs and education engagements so customers can get to know animals better and create relationship with animals, for example some people may have animal phobia but after facing their fear they may become animal lovers . Moreover Bristol Zoo give a lot of commitment to rise awareness of native species through wildlife projects such as Avon Gorge and downs wildlife projects. The main reason of this objective is to show Bristol community or all over Britain that we have such an amazing species but we do not seemed to notice them or appreciate.