BU attracts students from more countries than are represented in the United Nations.

Our global presence and reputation are important and are reflected in the perspectives, opinions, and experiences of our students. Why is this type of environment important to you? Embedded in one of the most innovative cities in America, Boston University provides an environment that not only permits minds to think of ways to change the world, but also offers opportunities for students to accomplish these things.Boston University has created a place that allows me to pursue dreams and build on ideas to make thought into reality. I have some international experience that helps me appreciate the importance of global presence.

Two years ago, I started my Girl Scout Gold Award project to gather and distribute dental supplies to needy children in Ghana, West Africa. (My parents had planned to travel there as part of a International Healthcare Volunteers medical mission. ) I travelled as a Junior Volunteer for the 2011 IHCV mission.I helped handle and organize supplies for the medical team. I was also able to distribute dental supplies and toys to children at the KNUST University Hospital Pediatric Ward and at a Kumasi children orphanage.

These experiences will help me better communicate with the numerous international students and faculty I hope to meet at BU. The environment full of different opinions and creative minds at Boston University should supply endless possibilities for me to achieve other similar projects and goals.I also hope to contribute to the goals and projects of others. Spending four years at this institution, I know I will be able to receive insight from an immense variety of faculty and student population. The thirty-one thousand nine hundred and sixty student population plays a huge role in why Boston University stands to be extremely intriguing to a student like me. BU only houses twenty percent of in-state students.

The rest of the population comes from places from all over the world.With such a diverse campus, the students themselves create an atmosphere that gives me chances to not only gain perspective from professors, but also from fellow classmates. Boston University houses an environment that does not just give to the student, but allows the students to give insight back to the university, making Boston University a perfect fit for a student like me. The reason why Boston University possesses the perfect environment for a student like me is because a dream is only a step away from reality and the future of a better world is only a reach away.