Last March 16, BSTM classmates left Manila at 8am in the morning via Philippine airlines going to Kalibo Aklan. I was satisfied with the airlines’ services. Their staffs were very accommodating and hospitable.

The pilots even volunteered for a picture taking inside the operating room. That was really fun because it was my first time to see the pilot’s cabin. They also served free snacks and provided good music player. You just need to have your own headset. If you like, you can watch the specific show they play at the flat screen.

I experienced a smooth flight because of those entertainments.Then from Kalibo, we were transferred to Boracay Island via land and water transportation. We arrived at Paradise Garden Resort Hotel later than 1300, then immediately took our scrumptious meal inside the hotel. Going to Boracay Island took us more than 5 hours, that’s why all of us were starving before the lunch and inevitably, almost all of us ate like a horse.

We also had our other meals at the same hotel but during lunch and dinner, we had it at the beach side. The food was great. I enjoyed every bit. The waiters were very attentive and alert.

The next day we did the island hopping and snorkelling.It was my first time to see the corals and fishes down the sea, and it felt awesome! I had fun, but I think there is better view than that. The sun is also a great plus. It was not sunny that time. I got a little disappointed.

We didn’t have a lot of activities at Boracay. All we did was to swim. Swim at resort pool, swim at the beach. The beach was beautiful, it was clear and the sand is white. The people in the place are also disciplined and manipulated.

There is no trash by the beach. There is not a single person smoking at the sea side and that’s a big thing to consider. At night, people party.You will find a lot of options; where to go, where to party.

You will also find a lot of cheap souvenirs with in the vicinity. The hotel we stayed in is a pleasant one. They were organized and systematic. But I think they lack in few free toiletries like shampoo because I am used to see hotels giving free toilet kits. I also felt uncomfortable having only one pillow. There were only two head pillows and we were two in bed, so each of us had one.

The experience was wonderful. We like the place. Feels so refreshing. The best thing in our trip was the bonding between my classmates.

We had so much time to relax and to talk in place so beautiful.