Memories are different for everyone. The point of memories is so we can look back on our experiences with some distance and perspective. Lena experiences many memories on the walk home pertaining to the front door of her house. Some of them almost make her turn and run, but the good memories of her parents kept driving her forward. In the short story, Blue against White by Jeannette C. Armstrong, readers should learn that the significance of memories is personal and individual and they have an effect on your actions in life because there is emotion embedded in all good and bad memories, this results in having to choose where you want to go in life and having the good memories push you forward.

The significance of memories is personal and individual and they have an effect on your actions in life. Lena has many memories of the blue door at the front of her house; when she was growing up, she didn’t like that it was different than everyone else’s, now that she was older she realises that the door triggers good memories.

As an adult one realises that uniqueness is celebrated not dismayed. This realisation comes from looking back at the past through memories triggered by the door. Dreams are also a way that memories can also have an effect on your life, because sometimes memories and dreams can meld together and change the way you see things. Although most people can’t remember the small details in their dreams once they have awaken, mostly they are all a blur. In some cases though people remember their dreams very vividly and can recite them over and over again. Memories are very personal and significant; they also have tons of emotions embedded in them.

There is emotion embedded in all memories, whether they are good or bad. The emotion is what makes them good or bad, it’s how the memories are experienced that determines if they will push people forward in life or not. Memories can make us laugh, cry and smile; it all depends on what they are about, and sometimes memories can make people do all three. It is said that home is where the stories begin, all the memories over time that are made at home stick with people forever. Some might fade, but most stay strong, and the strong ones are the ones most people want to remember anyway.

These memories in life help shape our future to what we want it to be, and that is exactly what Lena did by going away to school in the city for a long period of time. Shaping the future is big part of memories; they make people think that the future can be better if we change it into something different. Lena tries to make her future better by going to school in the city and tries to forget the memories of her front door. Even though she has some good memories of her home she did not like her door at all, she always thought it was too different from the others and stood out too much.

Standing out is not an ideal thing to do, but in some cases it is good, like people might follow people who stand out more than blending in. The good memories keep coming and pointing people forward in life and good memories makes for a good life. If someone is feeling down they usually look back on their memories to give them inspiration to keep moving forward to their goals in life. Memories are great for making people feel special by showing them the best times with their friends, this makes people feel like they have a purpose in life.

The significance of memories is personal and individual and effects your actions in life. The good memories full of emotion help push you forward to where you want to go in life. Memories are different for every single person in the world. The whole idea of memories is so you can look back on your past experiences with some perspective and distance. Life is all about making memories with your friends and family and that will never change, but you can change how your future will be planned by fixing your mistakes and making a better life for your self.