In the move Black Swan Nina is an apprising ballerina auditioning for the new performance of Swan Lake. She appears to be under extreme stress from her mother to become a great performer. She first shows signs of self-mutilation through the form of starching wounds into her flesh, this problem continues to progress through-out the move.

She first begins seeing hallucinations in the form in nonexistent people figures. Nina is being pushed by her director to not only become a perfect white swan but to transition into the dark mysterious role of the black swan.This pressure becomes overwhelming when another ballerina is picked as her alternate. This is the time in which he beings experiencing delusions, believing this women is directly out the steal her role. The increasing pressure from the alternate girl and the approaching date of the opening production seems to persuade her schizophrenic behavior to the limit. Before the first production she has a large break down and her mother tries to keep her from the opening performance.

She escapes and arrives to the theatre to perform. Her delusions take the ultimate stand.She believes in the transition of the white swan to the black swan the alternate ballerina is going try to finish the performance without her. Nina shows the transformation into the black swan in this scene by stabbing the alternate with a piece of a broken mirror while in a brawl with her over who would continue the performance. She feels the evil present in herself and goes on to finish the performance with confidence while her alternate bleeds to death in the closet.

Before the end of the performance she goes back to her dressing room where the fight had taken place.She notices the pool of blood leaking out from under the door was no longer there. This is the time when she discovers that she had stabbed herself when she had been having a delusion about stabbing the other woman. She shows her need to be perfect by continuing the performance without anyone knowing of her deep wound. She goes on to perform as though she truly is a dark possessed swan. Just as the script for the black swans ballet performance it wrote, the black swan is never released from the curse and perishes.

Nina finalizes her act with a leap down to the resting place for the dead black swan.There she shows her need to have become perfect for the role, and her satisfaction with the results, even though her debt was paid with her own life. There on stage at the end of the performance she dies. I believe Nina showed many signs of schizophrenia and how the severity of it dramatically increased as the pressure to perform inched nearer. Through the troubled pressured childhood she most likely endured first triggering the disorder, but through the new role she is to play a whole new type of anxiety is to plague her.First she begins seeing hallucinations, figures without any implications.

Then this progresses into full delusions where she completely believes the alternate is out to get her at any cost. This is where she has the deadly delusion that the alternate is trying to attack her, where she ends up stabbing and killing herself. Now to what extent I possibly misinterpreted the movie I’m unsure of but in my opinion she showed many signs of having schizophrenia.