Critique One Slow and steady wins the race; whereas, calm and honest wins the crowd. Bill Clinton inspired millions of people with his speech in 2008, at the Democratic National Convention. Each attendee was up on their feet applauding Clinton at one point or another.

His use of simple body language managed to draw in everyone’s attention, and they kept listening because of his intriguing facial expressions. At this particular speech, Clinton was coaxing his current fan base to follow President Barack Obama.With each word he alluded his support of Obama and stated facts as to why he did. By the end of the speech I am certain, that the majority of Americans in attendance supported Obama that much more. Clinton is very experienced in public speaking, and if he was nervous you couldn’t tell. He remained calm throughout his entire speech and he never looked at his notes for cues.

In my opinion, Clinton is a very influential speaker, and one of the most inspiring men in the United States. When he spoke, I felt as if I was listening to a friend talk about his views on politics.Clinton’s voice was not overbearing and did not belittle you. Because Clinton spoke casually, I was able to comprehend every word he said.

Even if you were not a democrat, his way of being completely honest and humorous makes you like him. Clinton always made his speeches fun by adding jokes and negative comments about himself, allowing you to relate to him on a more personal level. Whether his audience is a college freshman or a large stadium full of powerful people, Clinton manages to be charismatic and draw attention to himself in a positive way.