When transportations are more and more modernized, people gradually forget bicycles and benefits of it. If you want to have a good health and a happy life, you shouldn’t hesistate to buy a bicycle for yourself and start riding it to go to school or work. In my opinion, bicycles are the best kinds of transportations because of many reasons.

Firstly, riding bicycle every morning is a simple but perfect way to improve our health. Bicycles will help you develop a strong heart and provide better muscle tone, bone mass improvement.Furthermore, riding bicycle can help you loose weight. It is a great initial activity for people who are obese and help them on their way to a healthier life. Riding bicycle is also a way to realease your stress from daily work and study.

You can take your bicycle out and enjoy nature. After school, I and my friends usually get together to ride bicycle and talk about what happened at school, share our worries and our dreams. Riding bicycle helps us healthier, busier, happier and keeps our relationship closer.Secondly, bicycle is an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

Riding bicycle reduces air pollution and noise polution. Bicycles emit few poisonous gases into the air. According to the research, a four mile bicycle trip keeps about 15 pounds of pollutants out of the air when we breathe. If everybody used bicycle for movement instead of orther vehicles, the air would be fresher and cleaner, the cities would be more green and beautiful and the ages of people would be remained longer.Therefore, let’s protect our environment together by that effective way now.

Thirly, riding bicycle helps you save your time: the time you must spend at gas station and the time is wasted when sitting in the traffic jam. When riding bicycle to work everyday, you don’t have to set aside time to exercise and you can save time to do orther tasks. Moreover, bicycle can help you save your money because both the cost of buying a bicycle and the cost of reparing it are cheaper than orther transportaions.Finally, riding bicycle not only can be enjoyed in a wide variety of topography but also in a wide variety of climates.

I think that you will like the feeling when riding bicycle, you can be free to enjoy the fresh air and see many beautiful scenes around you. It’s so wonderful! Riding bicyle offers many benefits for the body, as well as for the spirits. So among modern transportations, bicycle is always the best choice for me because of many meaningful benefits of it. I love bicycle- the simple transportation, and how about you?