Talented CEO’s Richard Shultze and Brad Anderson with skills, motivation and their strategies. Best buys employees have been trained and skills to better cumstomer satisfaction. As of feburary 2009 Capital was 4,174 million other resources include financial resources , Organizational resources,Trade names,Location, and a good reputation with their customers. Capabilities;Domestic Best buy stores were organized into eight territories. Customer centricity that catered to specific customer needs and behaviors.In the beginning best buy had Created a portfolio of products and services that complemented one another and still strive for that today.

They offer their cumstomers Loyalty programs,Sales promotions and introduce new products. With the Acquisitions that best buys has enter into they have been able to expand into the international markets. Core competencies:Customer service and expertise, End-to-end technology solutions. Best buys business model was reviewed from time to time to ensure consumers satisfaction.

Findings of fact; The U.S. District Court granted Class Action certification to allow plaintiffs to sue Best Buy for violating its “Price Match” policy. It states the plaintiffs alleged that Best Buy employees would aggressively deny consumers the ability to apply the company’s “price match guarantee”.

Recommendation;I was a customer of best buy’s in 2009 shopping for a computer for my daughter, I checked out their computers in best buy then went a couple of stores down to a different store that sold computers, I found the exact same computer for a cheaper price but best buy would not match the price, however we did by the computer at best buy due to the geek squad. I have to say I will never buy anything from there again, totally dis-satisfied. My recommendation is if they’re not going to match the price of its competitors then they should not offer the “price match guarantee”. Findings of fact;In 1989, Best Buy changed the compensation structure for sales associates from commission-based to non-commission- based, which resulted in consumers having more control over the purchasing process and in the cost of savings for the company.Recommendation; There possibly could have been a rivalry between sales associates when the company was commission-based. If one associate made more sales in a day then the other the competitiveness could go up.

There also could have been an issue with customer satisfaction; the associates could become more self-serving in their sales than doing what they were hired for. To where as non-commission-based associates tend to care for the costumers wants and needs because there’s less competition in making a sale, its more costumer driven.