Ben Jonson growing up went through a troubling childhood, that continued as he grow older. His experiences influenced most of his work, which shares a common theme of love and hatred which is illustrated through his plays, poems, and short stories. His father past away shortly after Ben’s birth.

After he had a family his son slipped away from him in the form of death which probably influenced Ben Jonson to write the poem “The Hour-Glass”. The poem is about his son dying at a young age with so much life ahead of him, that he never got to experience.His time running out is mentioned in the poem when Jonson states “small dust, hell running in the glass . . . one that loved? ” The enormous amount of love he had for is son is described when Ben writes “Even ashes of lovers find not rest,” which describes how his love never dies even after he is dead and gone.

During the time of his son’s death he did some bad stuff that got him locked up since he had beef with the king which probably influenced him to write “To My Lord Ignorant.“But I have my revenge made, in the name”. Reflects Jonson’s hatred toward the king for locking him up. The title of the poem also reflects his hatred when he includes ignorant in with the lords name. The poem “How He Saw Her” was probably written through the inspiration of his wife and how he wanted to hook up with her.

The poem describes how he thought of her and how passionate he was for her. “Her dressing did outbrave. For I ran and called on cupid .But she threw such lighting.

Describes how Ben Jonson thought she was looking fine and how he would do anything to get with her and make her his, but she refused to be his one and true love as he tried to make her his. The last poem “Of Life and Death” was probably inspired by the hardships Ben had to go throughout his life and through the experience of when he was dying. “So Front Death” is a statement symbolizing the end of the road. Jonson is stating how you need to face death and deal with the fact that you can’t hide or run from it. Since Ben Jonson went through so much stuff he wrote great meaningful poems which is proven through is work.