1. Did you have the recommended mix of roles?2.

Was the team heavily weighted with a particular role type? What impact did this have on the team’s effectiveness?3. Did you have any roles missing? What impact did this have on the team’s effectiveness?4. What policies and procedures were used for this team to ensure that each person took responsibility for their own tasks? Within my current role I have team members that relate to Belbins roles. Certain team members work well in the group and have strong ideas and suggestions. Other team members are more reserved an are happy to be directed and go about completing work tasks their own way.Other team members may be very experienced and can provide valuable guidance to other members (specialist).

The team is overseen by myself, who is responsible for responsible for providing direction and support (co-coordinator). 1) Overall I believe the team had the recommended mix of roles, there were various members with different ideas and suggestions, as well as roles and responsibilities. This ensured there was constant balance within the team dynamic.2) I feel the team had a lot of “plants” at some stages who struggled to come up with the initial spark of an idea with which to push forward.

This created some issues within the team until the correct balance was formed. With too many plants in the team, bad ideas concealed good ones and too much time/resources was wasted in certain areas.3) In the beginning the team lacked a strong “shaper”. The Shaper is an extremely important part of the puzzle and without this the team ambled along without drive and direction in some cases missing deadlines.4) Policies and procedures included: clearly outlined and documented team goals & objectives, individual responsibilities and accountabilities within the team, KPI`s, job description, performance standards,