In the essay, Goodman discusses the modern misuse of words that evoke Hitler and the Nazis. He suggests that those who are desensitized to hate words are introduced as being too readily used in many environments. In addition, the essay also brings out the fact that hate words are being loosely used by many politicians tells us that desensitization of hate words are prevalent can extend even to important social figures as well. Unintentional harm could be caused if one gets desensitized to using hate words.Even living in Singapore, which is such a small country, every person lives in a live in different kinds of environment and they mix with different kinds of friends.

I had learned a great lesson after a total devastation in the friendship between me and my partner that happened during my internship in Beijing. The variation in use of words was one of the key reasons that resulted in a big quarrel. Personally, I am not a person who could just use vulgarities without deep consideration. Although I knew that the words came out from my partner’s mouth was unintentional, the words used by him was really unacceptable from my point of view.Recurrence in the usage of those words could be one of the reasons that results in the desensitization effect.

Sometimes when I am in a bad mood due to certain circumstances, the phrase “What the hell” would just came out from my mouth with no particular intention. Ultimately, I feel that it is an individual’s responsibility to be cautious on the use of words. Having an extra effort to be more considerate often minimizes serious communication issues that might possibly arise and this is what everyone should try to adopt.