According to the video, the best strategy to make the situations better at work is to try to communicate with the boss as much as possible. However, they give no more indication as to how this communication should be carried out, or why it would be important for employees to have an open and honest communication with the boss. Write three paragraphs explaining the importance of fostering an open communication with your boss if you are having conflict in the workplace. How would you go about fixing in-office conflicts using the communication skills you have learned in this class?

Developing a healthier relationship with your boss means first taking into account their personality, and develop a strategy accordingly. Conflict occurs in all corners of the work environment. It is important for employees to have an open and honest communication with the boss because communication influences more efficiency in the work place. Open communication is the means by which the conflict can be stopped, managed, or resolved. Frequent open communication and trust raises the potential of accepting and understanding other’s priorities, needs, and point of views.

Majority of humans dread conflict and comprehend it as something to avoid. In fact, conflict is a normal and natural part of our lives, both personally and professionally. Conflict in the right setting, controlled in the right way, can be helpful. It is over conflict that an alertness of the need for some essential changes can be made at work and at any other place. The best approach to solving a conflict, I believe is accomplished through communicating by listening to each other and honoring each other’s for what she/he has to say, by doing this, shows that you value and respect each other.

Talking and listening allows the employees and the boss to evaluate and have better understanding of the conflict. The employee can encode an appraisal (conflict) using variety of communication techniques, verbal or nonverbal. The boss will decode the message, outline his/her perspectives about the conflict and aim to resolve it as a team thru communication. This creates a team spirit, also decreases the intensity of resolving future conflicts.

Gradual strengthen of an employee’s bond with the boss thru open communication and trust allows the employee to freely express his/her thoughts concerning the conflict, without setting a criteria to how to communicate with the boss. This also allows both parties to address their opinion freely. Respecting each other’s opinions creates a respectful environment. If there is a disagreement, the disagreement can be addressed by communicating in a professional manner, and aim to find common ground to compromise, overcome, and find an alternative to disagreement respectfully.

For example, if an employee has lack of open communication with his/her boss, and a conflict arises,it will be hard to decide the best way to approach the boss without knowing the boss’s nature. When there is lack of communication, the chances of the response from the boss regarding a conflict most likely will not meet your expectations. Strong communications gives you an idea and expectations from a person to whom the conflict is addressed to before time. Employees are often faced with many kinds of conflicts, the path to solving these conflicts all depends on the power of communication.