We all the human beings are always guided by some unknown spirit within us. This spirit defines our path. In architecture spirituality means creation of spiritual space. To motivate, inspire and achieve goal one need a platform.

So, spirituality in architecture means creating a place for spiritual development. I developed my concept by creating a semi-abstract painting representing block of Asian countries at different level (different stage of development) and reflecting co-ordination, motivation, sharing feelings and ideas between Asian youth.During journey of goal (moon) frustration and depression can obstruct the path. So, Asian youth center should be a spiritual platform to enhance the youth spirit. In my design, I create a different space in a different level with different activities which increase the youth self-esteem.Staircases as a media for travelling upwards to different stage of achievement and finally reach to the goal (moon).

taircase are made wider to carry out informal activities and also could function as interpreted lobby. Reaching to destination ones` should not forget their mother earth. So i create a green space on moon representing mother earth. For visual linkage opening are create at different eye level so it could make a frame of ground, mountain (greenery) and sky. Opening in building are make smaller as its goes up according to space use which support my concept.Brick and stone are exposing in facade of building which is taken reference from site surrounding (image of city) and to represent Asian countries.

Building itself should standup as a sculpture. Triangular (spiritual) grids of incline column of steel section are used to support the spherical view tower (moon). Moon stands as a source of enlightment. So just below the moon I create a frustum of a cone function as a display area which sources of light is moon.