I have since learnt that in other to be successful in any endeavour, planning should be the first step. The approach taken to my project and with the meeting I initially had with my mentor was planning the entire project approach from start to finish in detail.

I was advised by my mentor not to pick an easy project topic but one which I naturally have interest in. Following this advice has not only given me a satisfying research but one that has changed my view of business in theory and in practical aspect.Part of the issues that affects planning is unforeseen circumstances beyond control. Such an event happened which disrupted our plans but out of it came an opportunity to learn the importance of been flexible and realistic with plans and also creating a back up. Although it slowed down the progress, my mentor and I were effectively able to manage this issue, and ultimately our targets were met in due course.

I am a meticulous person when it comes to handling projects in every facet of live and takes note of every detail.This has been an area where I had to call on this skill during my project, effectively managing my time was vital in seeing my project through to completion, also considering my project mentor whose time I had a privilege of, as he was a very busy man due to the nature of his job and who had to be carried along through every stage of the project work, for this reason I had to start my project early enough even before exam results came out to confirm I was through with ACCA level 2 papers. I learnt negotiating time with people even when I couldn’t have it, meeting target and also respecting other people’s time.My project mentor was very willing to listen attentively whenever I contacted him thus, in the process I was able to learn about effective listening skills as we communicated.

I learnt that listening attentively would enable one to give the appropriate feedback to whoever was the audience, this skill I exercised during my presentation. This was a day I was really looking forward to, as I generally love public speaking and this time I had to use PowerPoint and to an audience of 10 in discussing my research work. My presentation was like a new stepping stone to the world of business, this I confirmed from my audience who loved every bit of it.The future they say belongs to those who ask questions, although I have been in a position of leadership for years in my little community, I appreciate those who question the order of things because, in this I believe lies the secret to great men who have changed the world. I learnt to put to use the habit of regularly asking questions when am in doubt of my findings during my research work.

Normally I would prefer to keep searching for the answer by myself until I find it, but in this case asking questions helped solved a lot of problems and cleared doubts.In addition to all that I have learnt, I learnt not to feel bad when criticised. This had the tendency of happening when I put my work progress before my mentor, considering the effort put into it only for it to be criticised by him. However, his constructive criticism of my work helped me to see the reason as to what went wrong, without necessarily making me feel exhausted.

Instead I saw an opportunity to strive at excellence and produce the best of me. I strongly believe that my research questions have been well answered.The extensive sources of secondary information used such as, annual report and accounts of the company over 3years period is a baseline to support the fact that research questions were well answered Several ratio analysis were computed in arriving at the conclusion of my research work, which covers the 3year period under review, which I also carefully considered the steps the company itself took to make better its ratios over the years. In addition, a company needs to effectively and efficiently weigh out its activities to be able to determine what funding policy to adopt in financing its working capital.

To my satisfaction and that of my mentor, am absolutely convinced that the going concern of a company can be adversely affected if its working capital is not enough to meet its activities, which will eventually affect its profitability which has been clearly shown by my research. Moreover, the positive confirmation I got during my presentation, was an assurance to this as every question asked by my audience were well answered as I have also prepared for this sort of question.My interpersonal and communication skills have been put to great use during my project work most especially between my mentor and the contact I had in the company I researched. With my mentor, getting his time and attention required a great deal of effective skill in communication.

Meeting with my project mentor was not regular, reason being that apart from the nature of his work which is time demanding, I also had other commitment as I had to prepare full time for my ACCA level three papers so we communicated via electronic mails and telephone.This still allowed me the opportunity to discuss issues arising at length with my project mentor who in turn was always ready to give me feedback on the progress of my work at any point in time. The approach to communication was that at every stage of my RAP I send him an e-mail for review, which he also replies as to what next step to take and if necessary a need for amendment. Sometimes, I will have to call to explain my own view of the issue. With some communication with my project mentor, came a need to contact the company I researched.Despite having a privilege of meeting with the company’s treasury staff, going back to request information was almost impossible, most of which I negotiated my way through by telephone calls and e-mail.

This was where my persuasive interpersonal skills and negotiation skills where greatly put to use. Now I have discovered how important it is to have such skills in business and not taking a no for an answer. Another aspect I have learnt about a good communication is the ability to listen, this I really put to use most importantly when communicating between my mentor and the company staff who gave me most of the information I used.I learnt how to listen with great attention and building rapport with eye contact i. e.

between the treasury department staff and my mentor. Now, I can see myself building a relationship beyond career between my mentor and everyone I had contacted in the company. To reiterate, during my presentation my interpersonal and communication skills were also put to use in that, I learnt how to carry my audience along in an interesting way.Given them room to ask questions with a positive facial expression was a delight to my audience and caught there attention from start to finish.

A lot has been learnt and all thanks to undertaking the RAP and everyone who has helped in achieving it. Firstly, I have learnt that individuals don’t win only teams do. This I demonstrated when I started out my project having the mindset that I was not carrying out the research alone and that building a team were necessary.I contacted everyone who had an idea or already done any form of research work, regardless of whether they were ACCA members or not and carrying every one of them along was necessary all through the stages of my work.

Updating them via text messages and telephone calls, gave them a sense of belonging that they were part of my work. Thus, getting there attention to ask questions and receiving answers and ideas from them was not a problem. Now I can see myself becoming a great team leader and capable of managing any project.My research work presentation was an opportunity given to me to sharpen my public speaking skills which has been an area I have been working on and developing over the past six years. Although as at the writing of this project I do not have a job, but am absolutely confident that those skills which I have discovered and developed are my most marketable and transferable skill to any potential employer, and am delighted to have taken the RAP.

Through my experience with my research work and being a pragmatic individual, am amazed at how real accounting is.I believe the heart and soul of a real entrepreneur is to learn something in class and immediately he goes out to practise it, this is what opportunity the RAP has given me. I can see how practicable the theories I have learnt in class and textbooks are put to use in the real world of business. Taking a companies financial statement not practice kit or past question paper this time, and doing analysis on it makes me appreciate accounting and has given me a light that a bright career and a fulfilling life is about to begin.Now, I appreciate all the financial reports sent to shareholders of companies better, the effort put into its preparation, and if it’s a publicly quoted company how its analysis are done and why the stock market share price reacts to this report.

Also, I now properly understand how news paper reports are prepared and much more appreciate its content when I read them. Furthermore, demonstrating an understanding of IT was important as I showed my use of excel and PowerPoint both in my research work and presentation, IT know how is important which is becoming a requirement to most job adverts lately.Now I am confident and ready to take on challenges in any work-place environment. Now, I know I can manage relationships, now I know I can manage time effectively, now I know I can negotiate smartly anything, now I can meet with anyone at anytime and get any information ethically. Being a self motivated and pragmatic individual I see myself as one who can now take up challenges and deliver results, a trait I believe any employer will be delighted in.

Above all, now I know I can start my own organisation in future knowing what it takes to be that admirable corporation, all thanks to such opportunity to have taken the RAP.