In the opening scene, why does Paul’s company have extra food to eat? Why is Franz Kemmerich dying? How are Müllers feeling about Kemmerich different from Paul’s feelings?The reason why Paul’s company has extra food is because, they returned from a battle on the front lines and they are starving to death. And out of 150 men only 80 survived that ment that Ginger the cook made to much food for the 80 people that returned. He was given strict orders about giving people more food than they ought to have, But afterwards Paul’s company commandeer convinced Ginger to let them eat as much as they want to, because it was obvious that they were no sign that the other soldier would join them.Franz Kemmerich is dying because he got shot in his legs, and suffers under gangrene which mend to his friends that he is getting his leg amputated and will never be able to walk.

Few days after that he tries to kill his self with a plastic obstacle that he had, because he couldn’t sub stain his pain. Shortly after that Müller called the doctor to let him know that Franz is about to die which he cared less and sad, so many have died today he wont make any difference.During the days that Kemmerich was getting sicker, Paul was there with him to make him feel comfortable. Later in the story Kemmerich realises that he doesn’t have one of his legs, but Paul tries to cheer him up and tell him that they are artificial limbs that he can use. Paul was there for him for two reason, to don’t let him be lonely and to get Kemmerichs boots. After the conversation Kemmerich pleased Paul to give Mueller the boots even though he wasn’t there for him.

Paul gets sad, and calls the doctor, but he was busy to take care of him. When ever he arrives he was already dead.. they carried him out of the bed and brought in a different soldier who was also in pain.