George Orwell was correct when he wrote that “All animals are created equal but some animals are more equal than others,” actually referring to human beings whom scientists refer to as animals.

Throughout the history of humanity, men have known that they were created equal.  And yet, there have been separations, discriminations, dissimilarities, and inequalities, for the reason that God did not grant equal abilities, talents, and gifts to all human beings.

Some men are richer and more intelligent than the others.  Some are born deaf, dumb, and blind.  Then there are the leaders of mankind who cannot think like the rest seeing as they are set apart from the others in the position of leadership.

If leaders were to act as though they are the equals of their followers, the position of leadership would have to be abolished.  Hence, those that have special gifts or utilize their abilities in special ways would never be truly equal to the rest, despite the fact that they were essentially created the same way.

In the view of the Holy Bible, mankind was created by God with His own spirit.  Hence, all human beings carried the spirit of God.  And yet, only those who know about this Biblical truth and believe in it would be able to use the spirit of God to progress.  The rest may be deluded by the devil that God sent with humanity to the earth.

Then there are others who are born mentally retarded and can never be equal to the mentally healthy people in terms of rights.  There are no laws pertaining to the inheritance of the mentally retarded.  Hence, such people would never have rights that are equal to the ones that their healthy siblings may enjoy.

Intelligent and powerful people may fight for their rights quite easily.  But the poor people of the world typically cannot raise their voices too high and complain that their masters are giving them little food.  It is only a person with greater intelligence and greater power that can raise the voice of the poor in order to fight for their rights.  Still, the man who fights for the rights of the poor must be superior to them in terms of intelligence as well as power.

Hence, equality never turns out to be true in any case.  There is essentially no equality in our world.  And yet, man was created equal to another man.  In essence, even a world president is equal to the homeless man or a mentally retarded child, if we are to believe in the Biblical view of creation.  All the same, the life of the world president would be very different from that of an ordinary man or a mentally retarded child.

It is the difference between the quality of human lives that ultimately makes equality or inequality.  The world president will be unequal to the homeless man or the mentally retarded child because his quality of life would be superior in terms of the use of his intellect and other resources.  Only when the world president was a child in the womb was he equal in essence to the others.

Therefore, all men are created equal, but those who lead mediocre lives with average intelligence have a greater number of people that are equal to them.  Those that are more powerful than the others, whether they are powerful based on greater knowledge or wealth, may only be equal to those who share their own particular specialties.  Such people are few.