This paper looks into the history of civil rights, discuss about “UNIA, Black Panther Party, and NAACP” as organizations helping fight for the rights of the Blacks (Associated Newspapers Ltd., 2008, n.p.).

It will also briefly look into the “African-American Civil Rights Movement” (Associated Newspapers Ltd., 2008, n.p.).

Civil Rights HistoryThe fight for civil rights began in 1871 when the “Confederate States of America” was formed; this actually put an end to “slavery” (Freeman, n.d., n.p.). Somehow this motivated that other rights be fought for which led to the declaration of the Supreme Court that “segregation” is against the law (Cable News Network, Inc.

, n.d., n.p.

).This started when “Irene Morgan” refused to take the seat at the back which is intended for Blacks like her; when they had her arrested this inspired the Congress to pass a law protecting the ones discriminated; in fact, “the Civil Rights Act of 1968 has been signed into law by Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson to disallow prejudice in housing loan, rental, as well as, sale because of this” (Cable News Network, Inc, n.d., n.

p.).One of the positive effects of passing such a law was experienced by “James Meredith” who was given the chance to enroll and study at the “University of Mississipi” (Cable News Network, Inc, n.d.

, n.p.).There were other occurrences that led to the emergence of civil rights and there were other organizations that contributed largely to the aforementioned (Cable News Network, Inc, n.

d., n.p.). Some of these organizations are the following:UNIAThe first is “UNIA” which stands for “Universal Negro Improvement Association” (UNIA, 2008, n.

p.).  Its major purpose is to help those in need, to establish diplomacy, to ensure that all Blacks “improve their conditions & status”, and last but not least, it does everything for the well-being of the aforementioned race (UNIA, 2008, n.p.).

The strategy it utilizes to achieve its objective/purpose is by educating others about their race, the problems that they encounter, the rights that they hold, as well as, how problems can be addressed (UNIA, 2008, n.p.). The leadership it employs is the kind of leadership that its founder, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, passed on to the subsequent leaders (UNIA, 2008, n.p.

).The kind of leadership wherein the leader takes into consideration the sentiments of the members instead of implementing only what the leader wants (UNIA, 2008, n.p.).Black Panther PartyThe second is “the Black Panther Party” and its purpose, on the other hand, is to protect and defend those people who subjugate them (The Black Panther Party, n.

d., n.p.).

It utilizes “socialism” as part of its strategy; for instance, it addresses the problem on poverty by instituting “community programs”, it decreases the number of sick people by educating and improving people’s health (The Black Panther Party, n.d., n.p.).The group also made sure that the Blacks get to have access on “land, food, shelter, education, justice, etc” (The Black Panther Party, n.

d., n.p.).

Meanwhile, the leadership that it employs entails the style technically referred to as “task-oriented” leadership because it is a bit autocratic and because it attempts to accomplish whatever it is that has been planned or organized (The Black Panther Party, n.d., n.p.

).NAACPLast but not least is the “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People” which purpose is to guarantee the “political, educational, social, and economic equality of minority groups” (The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, n.d., n.

p.).The group’s strategy is to “work with allies of all races” who share the same sentiments (The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, n.d., n.p.

).It employs a combination of servant and laissez-faire leadership which is clearly exhibited with the results or with what the organization has achieved (The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, n.d., n.p.).

African-American Civil Rights Movement“The African-American Civil Rights Movement” began in the 1600s; it is extremely fortunate that gradually, Blacks came to be accepted, respected, and granted rights through individuals, organizations, as well as, occurrences which served as eye-openers to everyone with regards to the unfair treatment (Associated Newspapers Ltd., 2008, n.p.).

ConclusionThe Blacks have always been subjected to oppression, subjugation, injustice, etcetera; however through the “African-American Civil Rights Movement”, as well as, the organizations helping fight for their rights like the “UNIA, Black Panther Party, and NAACP”, they are somehow experiencing less of those negative occurrences they usually go through (Associated Newspapers Ltd., 2008, n.p.).ReferencesCable News Network, Inc.

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