Historically, when you talk of race in America one will easily think how the blacks relates with the whites. But this has drastically changed due to the increased change of living in the United States. Affirmative actions basically are the policies that most governments are trying to adopt to assist the most affected.

The categories targeted includes; the physically disabled, gender, ethnic groups and the race. The main reason for affirmative action is to promote equality in the society. Affirmative Action being very common in most court in the United States, one of the supreme courts declared that educational institutions should implement this factor when admitting their students. (Carol, 1996)

 This therefore meant that, they should admit different races, consider the financial status of all groups of student during the admission. One of the universities in Brazil always secures 20% vacancies for the physically disabled students, the students who come from third class and the native Brazilians.

This has also been adopted by the civil public services too. In most Canada universities, students from humble backgrounds always have fewer requirements into the university yet given full scholarship.


Racialism can be said to be socially formulated groups. This is not formed by nature though the groups believe to be sharing some fundamental biological factor; Martinez (1998).Americans should realize the paradigm shift towards racialism.

There has been increased number of culture in the United States hence should just end racialism. This was even emphasized when the 44th president Mr. Barrack Obama a black American was sworn in to take over the ‘white house’ that had been assumed to be only for a certain group of race. (Carol, 1996)

 In the article written by an American psychologist stated that the supreme courts in America have allowed intensive entry of Black Americans, Native Americans and the Latinos to apply for the higher educations.

Infant whites tend to derive an extra satisfaction when a black performs well in a certain industry for example in the marketing or games like basketball. Collins Powell who was a black American tried the level best to fight affirmative after she became the secretary of the states under George W. Bush.


Educational diversification should not be encouraged because it’s not legitimate. At the beginning universities, companies and colleges were all spreading the gospel of diversity but what has happened is what anyone would not want to hear. It led to commonness.

Though it’s hard to oppose diversity but the results are just not welcoming! No one is talking about it anymore. The consideration of race when it comes to Affirmative Action is really different and crucial because it’s something you can not hide. Like white and black, when it comes to ethnicity or class there is no much discrimination about that.


Carol, B. (1996) Affirmative Action, page 190