Living life to the fullest has always been my motto. I believe that one way to live life to the fullest is by helping others who are need. Each person has his/her way of doing this. Some do it through charity while others do it by joining voluntary organizations.

I have done both in my younger years and enjoyed doing charity and volunteer works. I realized that as I mature, integrating my passion of helping others with a professional career would be a great idea.

As they say, it is best to be passionate with work to enjoy it. By choosing B.S. Accelerated Nursing at Suny Downstate Medical Center, I would be able to continue my passion of helping others and grow in my future profession.

Indeed, nursing as a job is no easy task. I believe that nurses are basically the backbone of hospital treatment since they are the ones who give the medications, clean the patient, take vital signs, and are responsible for making the doctor aware of any change in the patient’s status that may require attention.

The quality of nursing care has a huge impact on a patient's experience and choosing it as a career means big responsibility. On the other hand, I enjoy devoting my time with people who are in need and I believe that I would be able to do this by choosing nursing as a career.

I believe that SUNY Downstate Medical Center would greatly help in achieving my goal of being a responsible and effective nurse. Since the Accelerated Nursing at SUNY covers theoretical basis for professional nursing practice, knowledge and skills for professional nursing practice, and application of the knowledge and skills to the practice of nursing (SUNY Downstate Medical Center, 2007), I know that the University would inspire me more and better equip me in my future career as a nurse.


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