1.What information is needed to make judgments of whether or not to launch Climp Bay’s Easy Close trash bags? When it comes to launching a new product in the market, which already has existing competition, market research is of uttermost importance. However, in order to decide whether Climp Bay’s Easy Close trash bags should be launched or not, thorough research must be conducted on the target groups. It is important to know what color, size, shape and packaging customers prefer. One of the most important factors of launching a new product is the price. It’s important to find out how much the customers are willing to spend on the product. Some of the most important factors to be considered would include consumer preferences and consumer habits.

2.Does Ad-Lider have a marketing orientation? Justify your reasoning. Yes I believe Ad-Lider has a marketing orientation. Since the existing line of products at Ad-Lider do not bring satisfactory profit in the long term and are not very modern and up to the standards of what the consumers in todays time want, the company decided to launch a new product called Climp Bay’s Easy Close trash bags. This product was different and more modern. After conducting a lot of research and focus group study, the company will launch the new product in the market. In order to be successful it is extremely important to study the market and the consumers and learn exactly what they prefer and what they don’t. According to the case study, creating value for customers is important. In today’s time, every company wants to offer a high cost benefit relationship.