The aim of this report is to provide information on the customer care strategy of Coca-Cola written by Li Tingkai. The report will cover the details of the customer care strategy of Coca-Cola. In more specific, it contains the description of customer care strategy, the system of customer service details and standards, requirement of recruitment, customer feedback system. At the same time, the suggestion and evaluation of customer care strategy in Coca-Cola will be given at the back.


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3.1 Background

The Coca-Cola Company is one of the largest soft drink companies in the world, with more than 500 beverage brands which provide cool drinks for people in the world every day. In addition to coke, the Coca-Cola Company has 12 brands which are value over $12, including Sprite and the Fender, Coke zero, and Georgia coffee. Coca-Cola is the world's largest soft drink, fruit juice, fruit juice drinks, tea and ready-to-drink coffee suppliers in the world. Through the global large distribution system, there are more than 200 countries consumers enjoy more than 1.6 billion cup of Coca-Cola product daily.

3.2 Strategy of customer care

The Coca-Cola distribution in China has more than 100 sales site, one of the important reasons is that Coca-Cola 3A strategy (Availability, Affordability and Acceptability). It means that the Coca-Cola system is execute "3 A" strategy and trying for a long time. Products are sale to consumers’ hand, and let consumer remember this brand. By providing something new and original products or services will make deep impression on customer and providing customers some special needs which have a strong appeal to customers and get competitive advantage. In determining the proper methods and forms of communication, customer care will consider accessibility needs resulting from disability. Encourage customers and determine others to have communication and interaction with Coca-Cola.

3.3 Detail of the system, standards and staff standards

Coca-Cola will provide training to employees who solve customers or other, and those who are responsible for customer service development, with applicable laws. Generally, training including the following components: “applicable laws related to the provision of services to individuals with disabilities; Policy and any other practices, policies or procedures developed by Coca-Cola with respect to the provision of services to individuals with disabilities;” And some instruction on what to do, because a disability is difficult to access Coca-Cola services. 3.4 How customer feedback is collected, stored and used

The quantity of Coca-Cola in China customer care center more than Pepsi. The Coca-Cola Company is pay attention to the customer for their complaints. There are special department for complaint and tracking. When the customer complaints, the department will notify the customer which customer care center they nearby. And then, Coca-Cola employee will solve customer’s problem. After solve problem, the staff of company will followed customer and give questionnaire to get some advice. It is clear that “Our employees communicate with customers and others in a variety of ways, including face to face interactions, letters, telephone calls and electronic/systems communications. Individuals can generally expect a response or preliminary response to their feedback within 15 business days of receipt by Coca-Cola of the feedback.”

3.5 An evaluation of the customer service strategy

Advantages: The quality of their service is also better than Pepsi. Coca-Cola receives customer complaints very seriously, even if it is a bottle of drink. Customer can contact with customer care in many ways, it is very convenient to give costumer’s opinion to company. On the other hand, there are some policies to make sure that disabilities can enjoy the service. It shows respect to disabilities.

Disadvantage: It will use too much time to response customer feedback, it will cost about 15 business day. When customer care center receive customer complaints, they will notify the customer care center which near the customer to track customer complaints. And then sent by the center to resolve, these multiple and complex communication networks will delay the time to solve the problem and affect the efficiency. Therefore, the customer's information reflect to the Coca-Cola Company will be late. Coca-Cola also failed to solve the problem perfectly. It is not conducive to the establishment of relations with clients and company. It is also waste a lot of time and money to get information from clients.

4.0 Conclusion

The purpose of this report is providing information about the Coca-Cola Company’s customer service strategy. The report introduces the details of the Coca-Cola Company’s customer service strategy. It includes the description of the customer service strategy, customer service system and standards, the details of the job requirement, customer feedback system. There are also some advantages and disadvantages of customer service. At the back of report, there are some recommendations to the Coca-Cola company, it will improve the customer care strategy become better than before. 5.0 Recommendations

To make customer care service become better, there are some suggestion to Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola can create an account of social networking service, such as Facebook, Twitter and some chat software. Customers can feedback information on these platforms. It will make company get more advices from customer. At the same time, Coca-Cola can release new product on these platform to attract more people to pay attention on the company.

On the other hand, Coca-Cola can make questionnaire to their client and get more detail from them. By gathering information, find the potential problems, and targeted to these problem to improve.